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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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The need for a lighter SPG was made obvious and specs were laid down for an air-transportable, standardized vehicle based on existing components. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. M, mm Vietnam. Visit our guidelines for more information.

Though withdrawn from American service, vehicles of this type remain in service in the militaries of some other countries. June 26, at 9: Already in Aprila mm M gun tube failed during firing in Vietnam at a total of Equivalent 157mm Charge EFC rounds and the failure was attributed to fatigue. Ms also had sufficient range to hit the Syrian capital of Damascus [ citation needed ].

Due to the tremendous size and weight of the ammunition, as well as the propellant charges used to project it, only 2 rounds are carried on the M itself. The autofrettage process imparts a deformation to the bore of a cannon tube in order to increase the ballistic pressure sustaining capability of the tube.

M mm Self-propelled Gun Walk Around Page 1

A large, hydraulically deployable spade is fitted to the rear of the M’s chassis, which may also be used as a dozer blade. Maximum rate of fire. It has a ground clearance of 0. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

During the formulation of the requirements that spawned the M’s development, a towed mm gun was also considered by the US Army, but the mobility offered by 175,m self-propelled mm gun was deemed far more important for running artillery missions in Central Europe. It is highly doubtful that the M can be fired safely without deploying it.


The M suffered losses during the Vietnam War, with a considerable number of them destroyed by the North Vietnamese troops. The gunner was 175mj charge of the controls deflection, his assistant of elevation. One drawback of the M in combat was that laying the gun involves skilled minute movements of the entire vehicle.

M107 self-propelled gun

It was intended to propel heavy projectiles over vast distances, with the intent of attacking strategic targets in the enemy’s rear area from the frontline. The hydraulic pump was sometimes improperly used to dig in the rear spade, resulting in damage to the hydraulic spade cylinders after the first round was fired.

CS1 French-language sources fr CS1 errors: This was based on patented key features of the M Army’s Vilseck Maintenance Facility after replacing a broken torsion bar. May 31, at j107 The T and T unarmored recovery vehicles and the mm T were not developed further.

M mm in Vietnam. The mm T and the mm T Only vehicles were built but widely exported. There is room for 5 crew members on board.

US Army M107 175mm gun at Nui Dat – Photo supplied by Mal Brand [1967]

The barrels could not be replaced using a single M due to weight and the need for precise placement of 175mj barrel into the cradle to prevent damaging the barrel brass runners. Although few in number, these captured Ms enabled the PAVN to establish a strategic-artillery battalion after the war. It goes without saying, but the M’s crew is thus extremely vulnerable to counter-battery fire, snipers, strafing runs, and even the effects of the M’s own nuclear ammunition.

The self-propelled guns T of mm and T of mm, and motorized howitzer T of mm.


M self-propelled gun – Wikipedia

After some examination it was determined that the lower life tubes exhibited inter granular cracking vs the longer lived tubes that primarily exhibited trans-granular cracking. Bores were manufactured for a normal cycle life of rounds 175jm a zone 3 propellant, but later on, this figure was improved up to and even It was also first line in 175mmm operation Gazelle on the other bank of the Suez canal.

In all were produced, declined into the A1 and A2 recently and even more exported. General Motors 8V71T; 8 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, supercharged diesel hp. In other words, the tube that has been autofrettaged will be capable of withstanding a higher internal ballistic pressure than its non-autofrettaged counterpart without going to a 1755mm tube wall. Since the weapons had identical carriages, the common practice was to install those tubes that best met the current tactical needs.

The M was essentially similar to the M see later only differing by its main armament which traded ammo weight and caliber for range. The dominant recognition feature of the M is its colossal mm gun, which is thin, extremely long, and has a bull barrel. These operations are assisted, with hand drive operations of help. But it also had its limitations, notably reduced accuracy at extreme 175,m and dependency to a supply carrier.

The M was used extensively in Vietnam to provide long range firesupport being m170 to fire more than 30 km and took part in numerous cross-DMZ duels with NVA guns. In addition to its use in performing maintenance on the M and M, and for recovery of damaged or inoperable vehicles, this vehicle has seen wide use in a variety of engineering roles.