I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy in the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (since ; tenured in ; Associate since ) . I am professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Campinas, Brazil. My main interest is Aristotle’s philosophy, especially his. Lucas Angioni. University of Campinas. Abstract. These are commentaries to the translation into Portuguese of Nicomachean Ethics VI, found in the same.

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This paper, however, downgrades the importance of the Categories for understanding Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z. Added to PP index Total downloads 58of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 27 15, of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Aristotle’s meaning cannot be that moral knowledge is more exact than technical knowledge with knowledge taken merely as the knowing lucsa a set of propositions are true. Filosofia em Revista 9 Phronesis seems to be mainly charged with determining means for an end given by the moral virtues, but it has to involve some conception of ends too.

Lucas Angioni, Aristóteles, Metafísica Livros I, II e III РPhilPapers

My central focus is not to discuss whether Aristotle is prescribing and using what has been called the method of endoxa. Create an account to enable off-campus access through your institution’s proxy server. One prominent feature is explanatory relevance.


Dec Publication Name: I argue that the issue of matter-form relation should be connected with the opposition between the necessity of material and efficient causes and the teleology of forms. Remarks on a Structural Account of Scientific Explanation. As Partes dos Animais, Livro I more. I myself consider this paper somehow obsolete, for I have returned to the same subject more than once: Metaphysics Books B and K What makes it a sophistic argument is the fact that it produces a false semblance of scientific explanation: Scientific demonstration in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics A Aristotle begins with a more general account of essence and definitions, which is based on merely logical-epistemic requirements, but at a he introduces a stricter account, which rests on additional criteria concerned with explanatory power of essences and definitions.

My object is Aristotle’s discussion of principle of non-contradiction in the first stretch of Metaphysics IV.

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Journal of Philosophy Find it on Scholar. Olav Eikeland – – Peter Lang.

The context of the argument The translation, which was made atis preliminary and its publication was intended to provide abgioni didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars. I claim that Aristotle employs “suggeneia” in APo I. I discuss Aristotle’s anomalous terminology “universal” and “particular” in Physics A. Zngioni of Western Philosophy. I sngioni discuss the concept of “metabasis eis allo Eugene Garver – – Polis 30 2: Filosofia Antiga e Medieval.


I will focus on how this passage coheres with the remaining parts of the same chapter, which also are advancing methodological remarks. In this semantics, the ultimate point is not a contrast between individuals and universals, but rather a contrast between two heterogeneous categories: I intend to prove that this definition has to be taken as a set of three not only two conditions: However, I argue that, quite to the contrary, Aristotle has a consistent theory about matter.

My aim is to disentangle Aristotle’s steps to show that he is arguing I discuss the methodological passage in the beginning of Ethica Eudemia I. A Philosophiae partitio de Gregor Reisch. Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy. Gadamer and the Reception of Aristotle’s Intellectual Virtues.

Gustavo Laet Gomes – – Phaine: Eudemian Ethics II-2, ba4 more.