Witness Gustl’s angst, existential conflict and obsessions from Arthur Schnitzlers internal monologue “Lieutenant Gustl” – a classic of Austrian literature from. Lieutenant Gustl has ratings and 59 reviews. Lisa said: It was an act of bravery to write a short story on the cowardice of an Austrian lieutenant. LIEUTENANT GUSTL. By Arthur Schnitzler. Translated from the German by Richard L. Simon. 49 pages. Los Angelus: Sun and Moon Press,

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Yes, with her it might have been something altogether different from that broad Steffi. Recurring phrases like “But no one will see me” or “Heavens, I hope nobody heard it” structure the text and alert the reader to an incongruence between Gustl’s outer and inner worlds.

The only thing he could have added was that they had expelled me from college, and for lisutenant reason I had to go into military service. There are women, I suppose, who’ll marry people like that!

The only question now is lieuenant I’m to shoot myself at seven o’clock railroad time or Vienna time. He’s a good fellow, Kopetzky! Nothing more to consider.

Werke in historisch-kritischen Ausgaben – Lieutenant Gustl

The conservative military paper Reichswehr printed a fierce attack on Schnitzler, and it was generally expected that as a reserve officer Schnitzler would lieutdnant his honor by challenging his attacker to a duel.

Still, these inexperienced fencers are often the most dangerous ones. Immerhin ist das ein Umfang den man in etwa einer Stunde lesen kann, ganz egal, ob es aus Zwang oder freiwillig geschieht. Good Lord, he’s to blame for it all! But I guxtl to spend at least a week with Papa and Mama. There’s something to be said for always having a pretty little wife home at your disposal.


Perhaps Anna-she used to like me a lot. Yes, it would be fine to go to sleep now.

Quickly putting on his apron. Although i t was in a desolate part of the country, and the weather was hot enough in the summer to kill you. Others would have come along after Steffi, and finally there would have been one who’d have been worth something-a young girl from a substantial family, with a good dowry-it might have been rather nice.

No one paid any attention to me. There go two artillerymen. Why, loeutenant wife knows it already! What, did it actually happen? What more is there to say? As if it couldn’t be any other time as well. Come to your senses! You’d feel sorry for him if it wouldn’t strike one as such a trivial reason to shoot oneself.

And why did I ever tell him to shut up? Why, he’s talking to me! Wonder what they say?

Lieutenant Gustl

And in a couple of years I could come back. Nobody except street cleaners around. The day is not getting any younger. Why doesn’t the idiot take my coat check? It is told from his perspective and is based entirely in his disorganized thoughts. Better not lose her. No, that can’t happen. The novella is focused on Gustl’s waiting, on his wavering between impatience and boredom.


Will Gustl put his plan into action? Doschintzky’s told me that on one occasion a fellow who had never had a sword in his hand before almost killed him; and today Doschintzky is the fendng instructor of the militia. And I was telling them about a patriotic rally. Why I know him!


I’m already going a bit crazy. I really must know that. I wonder why I ever gave her up. Why did it all happen? Sorry, we can’t be your seconds.

Gustl’s aggressive views, however, liejtenant out to be a defense mechanism ; he has always felt second-class.

The baker frequents the same coffee house as Gustl and doesn’t accept Gustl’s rudeness. And then that lawyer said not immediately, but it grew out of my talk about the rally-“Lieutenant, you’ll admit, won’t you, that not all your friends have gone into military service for the sole purpose of defending our Fatherland!

Unbelievable, the reasons lieufenant have for killing. Politically, Gustl embraces militarism, anti-Semitism, and antisocialism; he worships Richard Wagner and hates intellectuals. Lieutenant Gustl by Arthur Schnitzler.