La Traviata. Giuseppe Verdi opera in 3 acts, 4 scenes libretto: Francesco Maria Piave after Alexander Dumas Jr. A1-Preludio. Prelude A room in Violetta’s house . La traviata, opera containing the Italian text, with an English translation, and the music of all the principal airs. [Libretto by Francesco Maria. Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been.

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Alfredo despairs over the way he has treated her. You should take more care of your health.

Gastone ed altri mascherati da mattadori e piccadori spagnuoli entrano vivacemente dalla destra. Amami, Alfredo, quant’io t’amo.

La Traviata

Let us go, hurry. ALL You called us? Though she was an acclaimed singer, they considered her to be too old at 38 and overweight to credibly play a young woman dying of consumption. A’ prieghi miei resistere no, no non voglia il vostro cor. Retrieved 14 October Composers Operas Links Forum About. I know she loves him, is faithful to him, and linreto I must keep a pitiless silence! He knows of my repentance! How much do we need?


Thank you for your feedback. The lengthy and crucial duet between travita elder Germont and Violetta in Act Two is multi-sectioned with the music following the changing dramatic situation.

The spasms of pain have ceased: At that moment, his father arrives. After singing a duet with Alfredo, Violetta suddenly revives, exclaiming that the pain ilbreto discomfort have left her. Now first let’s try the humour of Fortune; we’ll open the ring to the dauntless gamblers.

Flora and the Marquis shake hands. Annina nods her head, then goes to open the door. In addition, personal affairs in his home town limited his traviafa that spring, but after Rigoletto ‘ s success in Venice, librteo additional commission was offered by Brenna, the secretary of La Fenice. You cannot know how your old father has suffered. Alfredo publicly insults Violetta at a party. A servant nods in affirmation. But Violetta has guessed that Alfredo has returned, and as travaita rushes in she flings herself into his arms.

B4 – Violetta — Annina? Fly to the regions of the blest, For God calls you to Him! Flora tells the annoyed Baron that it would have been better for him to have kept silent.


Metropolitan Opera | La Traviata

Gaily in the world’s gay places, ever seeking newer joys. Molte signore mascherate da zingare, entrano. The Baron shakes his head. How much have we left in the drawer?

Why do you ask?

Germont reminds her that, while she is young and beautiful now, she will someday lose her looks, and Alfredo, being a man, will become bored with her, especially since their union will not have been blessed by God. Opera traviaata Giuseppe Verdi. To the right, somewhat to the foreground, a gaming table with equipment for play; left, an elaborate table with flowers and refreshments; nearby, sofa and chairs.