Cumplir y respetar las leyes, al igual que cualquier otro deber establecido .. se amparan en las disposiciones del Código de Trabajo de la República Dominicana, el .. Por la comisión de las infracciones contenidas en la ley , sobre. Get this from a library! Código penal de la República Dominicana: incluye las modificaciones de la Ley no. del 28 de enero de G.O. La Ley del 27 de enero de contra la Violencia Intrafamiliar. Para los fines de la presente ley se consideran como jóvenes los dominicanos y.

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Some of their publications are: The following is a list of government offices providing access to primary legal sources: Pablo Antonio Machado, Jurisprudencia Dominicana, 2 v. This recent Code reform effectively ended the French judicial tradition, originally adopted by Decree No.

The Supreme Court is the highest administrative authority of the Judicial Power. Some of their most recent publications are: Major legislation enacted which governs the Public Ministry include the following: Structure of the Government.

Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the Dominican Republic. The Gaceta Oficial [20] is the official source of law-reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and regulations enacted by the Executive Branch.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

The websites make accessible the full text of laws, decrees, resolutions, regulations and court decisions, international treaties, repkblica and conventions signed by the Dominican Republic as well as the regulations set in force by the office.


Tel and cominicanaFax — There are ten Courts of Appeals, one for each judicial district. They regulate the improvement and preservation of the environment, and delimit regions within the country to be protected. Justices of the Peace The Justices of the Peace are courts authorized to hear small claim cases.

Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic – GlobaLex

I t abrogates the Labor Code and subsequent modifications. The most relevant are: The first Constitution of the Dominican Republic was promulgated in rephblica, immediately after the nation achieved independence from Haiti. It contains an extensive bibliography and references to key documents for the history of Dominican law and legal institutions. One other recent related piece of legislation is: Primary Sources Of Law. The Court of Minors addresses both civil and criminal matters, particularly issues pertaining to paternity, guardianship, visitation rights, alimony and adoption.

See also Wenceslao Vega B. The Council selects one Magistrate repubica serve as President of the Court, and designates a first and second substitute to replace the Dominnicana of the Supreme Court of Justice in case of absence or incapacity First Vice-President and Second Vice-President.

Global Database on Violence against Women

The Senate is empowered to select the members of the Central Electoral Board and the repblica of the Chamber of Accounts. Thereafter the new republic was subjected to a long power struggle between those who wanted to remain independent The Blues and those who supported the annexation of the country to France, Spain or the United States The Reds [5].

Since the Dominican Republic has undergone major comprehensive judicial reforms.

The President also may enter into treaties with foreign nations, but unless it is ratified by both houses of the Congress, the treaty will not be binding on the Dominican Republic [7]. At the time the Torrens property system was created, a separate system of Land Courts as a specialized jurisdiction within the legal framework was established.


It indexes a selection of the most significant laws of the Dominican Republic, but only provides for the full text of 42-97 main codes: It has not been updated since Legal Websites Most of the government offices responsible for the regulation and supervision of specific social or economic sectors provide access on their homepages to the legal framework of the sector.

The Labor Courts have jurisdiction over labor and employment disputes. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over any cause of action brought against the President, the Vice President, or other public officials, as designated in the Constitution.

Consulta Legal

Public access to the library catalogs is available online. Delgado, The Legal System supra note 3, at The International treaties for which the Dominican Republic is a signatory, are regulated by Article 3 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, which provides that: Comprehensive judicial reforms were pursued so as to modernize court administration, judicial budgets and court facilities, and to automate processes used for case and record management.

Treaties and International Agreements.