LeCroy — A — User Manual ADCs and Memories 4 Trigger 4 Automatic Calibration 5 Display 5 Manual/Remote Control 5 Specifications. LeCroy Service Manual. Identifier LeCroy__Service_Manual. Identifier -ark ark://t47q2vs Ocr ABBYY FineReader A DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE SERVICE MANUAL North American Headquarters: LeCROY Corporation Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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Dip switch bank 1: The SMART trigger facility provides a complete range of sophisticated and versatile trigger features. A high level disables the outputs. Ease of use, auto-setup – Extensive processing power and familiar analog controls make the A ex- ceptionally responsive and easy to use.

LECROY SCH Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Defective circuit boards will be repaired or exchanged by our regional LeCroy service office. Adjust the size of the display, in order to get 5mm gap between the middle of the image lines top, bottom, left, right and the CRT lines.

Follow the F power supply disassembly procedure 4. Reference and function memories: 94550 usual precautions against static electricity are required. The front-panel controls of the A have been laid out in the style of an analog oscilloscope, making it easy to use from the very first moment. This is a business wide problem.

Triggers on opposite slopes of pulses narrower than a value in the range 2. The can access the internal busses when the coprocessor is in hold.

This manuzl is accounted for by two X and Y nonlinear amplifiers, using diode characteristics in the feed-back loop. AUTO-SETUP Pressing the auto-setup button automatically scales the time base, trigger and sensitivity settings to provide a stable display for a wide range of repetitive input signals. For safety reasons, unplug the mains cable from the outlet without turning the scope off. Capturing and measuring signals has never been easier. All signals except RREQ remain low until access can be granted.


LeCroy 9450 Manuals

Single or multi-pen digital plotters as well as printers can be used to make hard copies of the display. Failure to comply with these rules may result in being banned from further commenting. The trigger source can be line, external or either of the two inputs. This current controls via an amplifier the cathode voltage of the CRT.

LeCroy 9450 Service Manual

The period depends on the Xinc step selected. Fully Featured with Remote Control- All the front-panel commands used to drive lcroy memory card system are available through re- mote control. The gate array has read-only memory access. Level Set the input CHI: The signal RREQ returns low when the data are loaded. By adjusting the two rings on the Yoke, center the image on the screen.

For an NIST calibration, follow the manual linearity test procedure using a calibrated and certified high precision better lecroyy 0. After a delay defined by the yoke inertia, ZCTR enables the intensity of the spot. Most procedures in this section will allow a technician to troubleshooting down to the board level.

In order to get access for levroy, put the scope on its rear feet and pivot the power supply unit slightly away from the display board.

Users can obtain time and frequency values simul- taneously and compare phases of the various frequency components with each other. CFND is “configure block as data memory” instruction.

Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for manuql Group. Long non-volatile memories-Two non-volatile 50K acquisition memories, one per channel, store signals. With no signal connected to the inputs, set the DSO as follows: Powerful mi- croprocessors and co-processors enable very rapid representation of results such as averages, inte- grations, exponentials and multiplications. A Scan by Paladinmicro – paladin paladinmicro.

For automated test applications all the front-panel controls, including cursor positions and inter- nal functions, are fully programmable over RSC or GPIB interfaces. Internally generated; separate intensity control for grid and waveforms.


No controller is needed in this mode. Therefore there are two different signals which control the status of the board: This dual ADC architecture ensures absolute amplitude and phase correlation, maximum ADC performance for both single- and dual-channel acquisition modes, large record lengths and excellent time resolution.

The method is particularly useful for monitoring noisy signals which may change slowly over a period of time. Apply to the CH to be tested a DC voltage from the high precision voltage source with the following three values one after the other: A cross-hair marker measures absolute voltage versus signal ground, as well as the time relative to the trigger.

How reliable is it? The lower trace shows the same expansion but with 9-bit resolution.

Service Manual – LeCroy – Oscilloscope — Download free service manuals

The address bus is internally set to hexOOOO, but the outputs are put into the high impedance state. FFT of a 1 Hz amplitude modulated square wave, recorded over 50, points, shows harmonics up to 51 mwnual. Highest side lobe indicates the reduction in leakage of signal components into neighboring frequency bins. The design of the analog X and Y ramp generator limits the precision to about 1 X.

IK RES 05 1 5. Spectrum Display Formats and Scaling Frequency scale: The instrument features high-fidelity 8-bit ADCs, 50K of non-volatile acquisition memory per channel, K of additional waveform storage memory, manuwl pulse parameter analysis, and a highly sophisticated trigger system to capture the most complex signals, including spikes and glitches.