Mr. Martin-Bittman — whose original name was Ladislav Bittman — joined the Czech intelligence service out of university in as tensions. One of the most important Czechoslovak Cold War defectors, Ladislav Bittman, died in his atelier in Rockport, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night. Ladislav Bittman has helped us understand an important dimension of Soviet behavior. Now that we are aware of this significant element, the evi- dence more .

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Although the Soviets have substantially increased their efforts on Capitol Hill sincethey do not rely on direct help from senators and congressmen. To counteract negative publicity in Western Europe and North America, the Soviet mass media immediately after the incident began promoting a Soviet plan for a Nordic nuclear-free zone, and they accused the Swedes of spying on Soviet communications systems for NATO. Meanwhile the Soviets con- tinue bigtman disinformation games.

Tactical disinformation makes it possible to carry out the individual task of strategic disinformation and, in fact, comprises the principle disinformation work of the organs of State Security12 Disinformation is a kind of game in which the participants play one of three roles: Except for the first few years after the Revolution, Soviet foreign intelligence operated behind a wall of official secrecy, and Soviet leaders refused even to admit its existence.

Covert action became institutionalized, better orchestrated, and more diversified.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman

New York Ladislsv7 Decemberp, Like other national military intelligence services, the GRU collects and evaluates mainly military information, but the scope of its operations is much broader. But inMoscow intro- duced an important structural change that allows direct, regular contact among satellites at the departmental level but retains the Soviet role of chief coordinator. Time, 6 Februaryp. Old-timers in the KGB state that everybody has his breaking point, depending on the approach, circumstances, and time, and the personal histories of many prominent West- erners who have been recruited as KGB agents seem to confirm the theory.

But he was released during the Hungarian Revolution inand in the early s he again worked for Hungarian intelligence, mainly as a translator and editor of anti-American forgeries.

S, foreign intelligence and domestic counterintelligence are assigned to several agencies to prevent a dangerous accumulation of power, but the KGB synthesizes both. biytman


A, Pergamon Press Inc. In return for increased supplies of raw materi- als, machinery, and oil, the Soviets demanded a permanent halt to all criticism of Soviet policies and supervision of the Cuban economy, as well as state security. The press in the American system of democracy plays an important role not only as a communication channel but also as an active political force. Estimated manpower of satellite intelligence services as of December But in the decade of the sixties, the active measures became everyday occurrences in some areas of the world, particu- larly in Third World countries.

The pseudo- document referred to bribes: Chosen for their loyalty, appearance, and family connections with party and agency officials, the new breed of KGB candidates includes graduates of Soviet uni- versities and institutes, particularly the prestigious Institute for International Studies in Moscow.

Intone version of the game plan, the operator strikes indirectly at an adver- sary through an unwitting agcnt. The second category of operations is dominant. On the one hand, they are ashamed of intelligence failures and embar- rassed at successes on the other. During his stay in the United States, Gornicki systematically spread rumors against Kosinski among his American contacts and friends. Wolfgang Wohlgemuth, and they later drove off in Dr. The article opened an argument with strong political overtones in several prominent publications, including the New York TimesNewsweekthe Boston Globeand others.

This period of his life stood in stark contrast to his clandestine work spreading disinformation and his later efforts training aspiring journalists to spot falsehoods planted in the news — whether by the US government or foreign powers. The operation relied only on anonymous channels to disseminate a series of forgeries. The Vietnamese invasion of Cambo- dia in resolved the problem but imposed additional pressure on the Soviet economy.

An Insider’s View Oct 01, Tsinev, former deputy KGB chairman, these special units were also involved in disinformation and deception; Operating in close contacts with the Red Army Staff and taking advantage of various opportunities of the moment, military counterintelligence agencies sys- tematically misled the fascist command and its intelligence services relative to the plans and intentions of the Soviet command and to the situation on various sectors of the front.

Historical Dictionary of American Propaganda.

Even CIA operatives suffer a kind of paranoia in the sense that they view every Soviet disinformation campaign as a part of a larger and more sinister plot. In the last four years, the number of communist- bloc officials alone has increased 50 percent.

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For a rela- tively low price, KGB operatives purchase scientific information that would cost the Soviet government hundreds of millions of dollars to develop in its own research centers. Since coming to the United States inAcosta had developed a wide circle of contacts among politicians, businessmen, scholars, and journal- ists, most of whom were apparently not concerned about his intelligence mission.

Although official propaganda blames the poor harvest arid eveti administrative inefficiency, military spending and support for Cuba, North Vietnam, and other client states consumed billions of dollars that otherwise could have been allocated to Soviet citizens.

The Polish commercial fleet and large ethnic communities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and France insure even further opportunities for the Polish service. My major responsibility was to identify new espionage candidates among prominent Austrian politicians, journalists, and foreign correspondents sta- tioned there. Instead of exporting Maoist ideas, they were forced to deal with ideological and political tensions within the party, growing economic problems, and the Soviet military threat.

Inthis led to him founding a new center in Boston University’s school of journalism specifically about disinformation.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman – Wikipedia

Analysis of the delicate relationship between cause and effect, like interpretations of strengths and weaknesses, is considerably con- taminated by the Marxist bias of Soviet strategists. Chapter 2 Espionage Giant I met many Soviet operatives during my fourteen years in the Czechoslovak intelligence service, and all of them were men of bittmwn strength and weak- ness. In addi- tion to routine analytical work, 1 often designed and wrote forgeries with strong anti-American or anti-West German sentiments.

The White House became alarmed when a number of journalists called press secretary Jody Powell to verify the authenticity of the document. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Since Czech operatives in the directorate had little experience in covert operations, most of our efforts were unsophisticated tricks with limited im- pact.

These varia- tions constitute ideal situations, in which the real operator is able to keep his role secret.