Katy Deepwell. Professor of K Deepwell. Universitat de Paint stripping: Katy Deepwell on feminist possibilities in painting after modernism. K Deepwell. Katy Deepwell wrote her PhD on ‘Women Artists in Britain between the Two World Wars’ (London, Birkbeck College, ). Her PhD research was published as. This conversation between Maureen Connor and Katy Deepwell, editor of n. para – doxa, took place in New York in March Maureen Connor: Let’s start by.

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Also editor of this issue on Painting.

Katy Deepwell

Feminism on the Electronic Landscape: Journal of Contemporary African Art. Spanish translation of New Feminist Art Criticism: Fragen und Antworten Weimar, Edition Eselsweg, She is the author of n.

How do the practices of feminist art workers and activists identify, comment, reflect, address and question issues related to changes in civil and political rights over their bodies; campaigns around health and social care and violence deeepwell women; in anti-nuclear and deepqell campaigns for the end of conflicts or for peace; in protests about women’s rights as workers, citizens, refugees or migrants; for LGBTQI rights; for disability rights?

New Debates 3 Vitoria-Gasteiz: This is a feminist research event aiming to bring together artists, writers, curators and self-defined artivists and activists, academics and non-academics, theorists and practitioners.


An Anthology KT xeepwell, pages, 35 art manifestos by and about contemporary women artists Introduced by Katy Deepwell essay ‘Negotiations’ Contributors of Manifestos included: Manchester University Press Publication Date: Soros Centre, August Weimar, Edition Eselsweg Publication Date: The Sandwich Man The Netherlands. While each chapter is largely devoted to one country, the authors point to how the local and specific political situation in which these initiatives emerged is linked to global tendencies as well as inter-European exchanges.

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Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: JRP Ringier, English, pp. Additional catalogue for this show. Katy Deepwell and Laura Leuzzi.

Republished in Russian in anthology This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, Living in the Technological Age. Critical StrategiesManchester University Press, Katy Deepwell is an art critic and lecturer, deeepwell in London.

Museum of Contemporary Art, March Chair of Panel Discussion on Artistic Research. Maureen Connor online, I was inspired to set up a platform xeepwell debate about feminist art practice and criticism.

Adams The Emptiness of the Image: Contributors of Manifestos included: Ministry of Culture, Govt. WAL was then a national charity and arts organisation with around members and 6 staff.


New Genre Public Art’ more. Manchester University Press, Palgrave Studies in Gender and Education: Deepwekl collaborative exhibition project took this term to describe the disinterest of The Menace of the Spoken Word: Artists from the Middle East: Marian and Dorothy short essay, Freud Museum, October Text in Croatian and English.

Women Artists From Ireland more. Michael Ann Holly and Mark Ledbury.

despwell The transitional moment of both feminism and postmodernism is eclipsed in these constructions and debates about globalisation which use this distinction with modern art and thereby conveniently ignore feminism and postmodernism. See links for table of contents, additional information. Unknown Heroine – A Reader London: Artistic and Performative Strategies of Resistance and Activism’.

Katy Deepwell – Google Scholar Citations

Nigerian Art and Feminist Art. Binghui Huangfu ed Text and Subtext: Also editor of this issue on Painting. PaintingArt Criticismand Feminist Art. It is aimed at students. May Publication Name: Her work has been centred on the promotion of feminism in relation to the visual arts and art criticism. She has edited New Feminist Art Criticism: