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I see a number of people doing this using Kanji Odyssey fakushuu on smart. If you want to make the most out of your trip, then speaking and listening are going to be more important than reading and writing, so you might want to prioritise. So far in one and a half weeks.

Kanken 9th Class Kanji Learning Step Type Japanese Language Test Book Japan

Learn Japanese – JapanesePod This gives me good foundation materials to start with. But I could use some tips gakuushuu. Use this japanese phrase.

Learn how to greet someone both formally and informally.

But it’s geared towards Japanese school children not foreign learners. Join Now Or sign up using Facebook. Ill start with what i have learned that day. I could be wrong though. Im hoping to be able to have simple conversations by September.

Of course, I can’t recommend kanji enough, but you can learn grammar and vocabulary with just kana. But baby steps seems to be best. I mean to really test myself.


Add a new path? Thats about it so far. Gakjshuu most systems readings are learnt by putting kanji to vocabulary you already have, or by learning example vocabulary to cover the readings. I will look at each and see what will work for me. But I have learned more because of it.

Buy Instruction book – 7kyuu kanji gakushuu step corrected version –

I know to truly learn Japanese grammar, I have to get my Kanji learning going. Is there a list. At least I think. Where do I start? Lessons Advanced Lesson Search.

Then flashcard myself to death. With some beginner hiccups of course. Learning Kanji logical order. But I really like the whole “Learning the most used. A lot of your computer’s options will be written in katakana so you’ll be exposed and forced to start reading the katakana, and you’ll be fluent in no time.


But for Hiragana its in a logical order. If I may ask, what is your main method of study? I just looked at Kanji Power today. It has a lot of examples, practice and is pretty detailed. That is making them a parrot.

By clicking Join Now, you agree to our Terms of UsePrivacy Policyand to receive our email communications, which you may opt out at any time. I recommend the first version over the second kanken version. I think the best way is to learn the most common kanji that you’ll see everyday first and then build your way up. Two and a half weeks and I can read stuff pretty fast with it. I have a hard enough time with a little more than the jouyou at times.


What are your thoughts? When I read about other people’s levels on that forum I mentioned, it’s quite frustrating that I’m so behind You’ve finished everything on your pathway. I’m a hopeless slacker, and my study methods were terrible until a few months ago, so it’s certainly feasible to surpass my level in half the time with a bit of structure and consistency. Thought it looked good. Practice writing and saying the sounds. So forth and so on. The grades roughly introduce kanji in order of simplicity, usefulness, and frequency.

Or sign up using Facebook. October I’m planning on a trip to japan. Actually I’m in Japanese locale on here. A specific kanji test worth looking at is the kanken, although it’s hard to find a test centre outside Japan. Dictionary View All Dictionary Results.

I have been able to retain and use Hiragana on simple words. Loving the 24 hour clock?