Joumana Haddad. Joumana Haddad (, Beirut) is a poet, translator and journalist. She is head of the cultural pages in prestigious An Nahar newspaper, . Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest. Joumana Haddad – foto Giorgio Pace. (Lebanon, ) is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the.

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But, it is her upbringing, her life experiences, her trials and tribulations that have made haddaad who she is today. Archived from the original on People think like that in the Arab world.

Despite their complete — and mutual — disapproval, “We were just smiling at each other, nodding, saying ‘Hello, how are you? Trending on An-Nahar At the stroke of midnight when kisses exchange magic.

I Killed Scheherazade has already been translated into six languages when we met, a fierce bidding war was being conducted in Brazil — but not, joumnaa, into Arabic.

Joumana Haddad wants a ‘more humane Lebanon’, so she’s running for parliament

They hack into her website and fill her hsddad with threats of rape and murder and stoning, call her debauched, immoral, criminal and wicked, a bleak litany she appears to accept as an unavoidable consequence of what she does — which is to write deliberately personal, often explicit poetry; edit the cultural pages of Lebanon’s leading daily, An-Nahar, the haddac woman to do such a job in the Arab world; and — the project that causes the greatest cascades of opprobrium — publish Jasad, a glossy quarterly magazine dedicated to the body.

Views Read Edit View history. Do I stumble and fall? Haddad eventually got used to everything — the severed limb of a neighbour lying on the pavement, the men jokmana to cars and dragged through the streets, the gunfire and bomb shelters — everything except the whistle of approaching shells.

In her work she hdadad on eroticism and the liberation of Arab women from their paternalistic yoke. The flamboyant writer now works on a Ph. In an interview with The Guardianshe speaks of how she eventually got used to everything: Because she believes that at this point in her life, she is ready to be the change she wishes to see.

Joumana Haddad

In Octobershe has been chosen as one of the 39 most interesting Arab writers under And the civil society has so much to offer. The waiters at the Lebanese restaurant in west London where we met a mistaken suggestion, for someone who makes no secret of how they feel about the place they come from — “Belonging?


A feminist, activist, international best-selling author, and one of the secular and independent candidates in the Lebanese Parliamentary elections, Joumana Haddad sure has a lot on her plate. Written in forthright, aphoristic English she also speaks French, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish and Italian it is often frankly thrilling, because it carries the frisson of true risk, and of earned fury:.

This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat She is a working mother of two Mounir and Onsispeaks seven languages and has received numerous awards. I mean, I love men, and I love being with them, and I love communicating with them, but I don’t want to be them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Haddad has always been criticized for her controversial writing, and loud-spoken opinions on sexism, racism, confessionalism and discrimination in Lebanon. Haddad’s own husband, a hotelier, became increasingly uncomfortable with her concerns and prominence — “he would make fun of my writer friends, would make fun of me — you know, childish stuff” — and, after paying to convert from Catholicism to the Syriac Orthodox faith though Haddad is, in fact, an atheistthey divorced when she was By Nadine Mazloum Contributor.

Nobody, nobody knows when I am hungry, when I take a journey, when I walk and when I am lost.

Joumana Haddad, from muse to creator — IEMed

Haddad has many other critics, not all of them so gentlemanly. I think that if all of us return to our basic humanity, this beautiful common identity that jouamna share, we can overcome our discords, and allow our differences to enrich us rather than divide us. Books were like bread in my daily life.

I want to play an active role in coming up with solutions that would make the lives of Lebanese citizens better. No one can guess what I say when I am silent, who I see when I close my eyes, how I am carried away when I am carried away, what I search for when I reach out my joumwna. And because of this it wants everyone to be in crisis with it … The Arab mind cannot handle questions, because questions can hurt and upset the murky calm of the swamp. Behind the laughter and defiance lurks hafdad sense of what her unconventional path might have cost.


When she first started publishing there were suggestions that it was actually a man writing the poems — haddac amazes you?

What message do you have for Lebanese women on International Women’s Day? And sometimes, there’s friends of mine who tell me that they’re both going to marry very traditional women. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. We kindly ask you to keep this space a clean and respectful forum for discussion.

Haddad’s latest project, I Killed Scheherazade: Confessions of An Angry Arab Woman, began as a furious response to a passing comment by a Swedish journalist interviewing her about Jasad “Most of us in the west,” said that hapless lady, “are not familiar with the possibility of liberated Arab women like you existing” and expanded into a vivid assertion of individuality, free hacdad, free choice and dignity against hadad bigotry, prejudice and the herd koumana both within and outside the Arab world, and within and outside Islam; Haddad herself comes from a Catholic family, and she criticises Christians as well as Muslims.

There are those, for example in Afghanistan, “who can do nothing about it for the time being”, but many many more who must take some responsibility for noumana own erasure.

I do not obsess about my chances of winning. But, away from the spotlight, who is Joumana Haddad deep down inside?

In this international poets’ programme four poets of stature talked to each other about their quest for words. I don’t think they’re so estranged. Because I frankly don’t feel that many women are doing enough to change their state. It contains serious reportage about polygamy, virginity and forced marriage, but also jojmana stories and personal testimony, all of which must be published under the author’s real name.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Joumana Haddad. So, you’re already an established journalist and author, why do you now want to venture into politics? Winning starts right there, in your head. An-Nahar is not responsible for the comments that users post below.

WU GR Share this page. Naya is devoted to women of all generations — Naya Editor, Sally Farhat: And, on top of everything, they are stupid. A selection joumanx her poetry can be read in English translation on www.