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It usually contains the title and sometimes details of the author, scribe and sponsor. The original text was written by Bhadrabahu Swami, who died in the year BCE the list of monks is not his work. Also used for carvings, sandalwood produces a highly prized oil used in cosmetics and perfumes. A synonym for a lay person, emphasising kalpasutar he or she is a member of a household, with responsibilities to the family, community and society that a Jain mendicant does not have.

It begins in about 56 BCE so the equivalent date in the Common Era can be calculated by subtracting 57 or Baladevas are devout Jains who, after renouncing the world to become monksare usually liberated but may be reborn as gods in one of jajn heavens.

Read our cookie policy to find out more. Idol An image of a deity or concept that is worshipped either as a god or as a representation of the deity.

After this first inscription the manuscript has been repaired and the colophon continues in a later hand. Second Jina of the present age. Also used jwin an adjective to describe the practice of rigorous, even extreme, physical hardships in the belief that it leads to a higher spiritual condition. It is also spoken in neighbouring states. Folio numbers are written in the lower right-hand corner of the reverse of each folio but are defective from folio 85 onwards due to insect damage.

Folio A single sheet of paper or parchment with a front and a back side.


Kalpasutra in gujarati

He achieved liberation himself 12 years later. With spiritual progress, one can gain the different types of knowledge. The next three chapters deal with the Soul. Retrieved from ” https: This tradition started in Gujarat after a son of the king of Vadanagar died at an early age.

The Jani is held in great honour especially by the Svetambara sect of Jainism. The king reports the good news to his wife, who quietly retires to her own apartments. It contains detailed life histories with illustrations.

This is the time when the festival of Paryushan is celebrated and the Kalpasutra is traditionally recited. One of the five traditional types of knowledge, it is inborn in heavenly and hellish beings. Gorgeously dressed and bejewelled, he is carried in an ornate palanquin. Commentary An essay explaining a text.

Vishwakosh, Sharda Mandir and Gujarati Fujarati of their mother tongue. The book also contains the code of conduct for Gujaratii monks. If there are 10 or more, you can request for a guide to talk you through the exhibition.

What is Kalpa Sutra and why do Jains read it? – Heena Modi

Hi, I would like to have a copy of Kalpasutra in english language. The text records the five auspicious events – the descent from heaven, birth, initiation, obtaining of omniscience, and death – and many legends of the last three Kwlpasutra or Tirthankaras: They are able to understand his teachings properly and can pass them on.

He also visited the court of the Delhi Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Western India, probably Gujarat, c. Fasting is the most common jaain austerity for lay people these days. When they do so, Gardabhilla loses his magical powers. Museum object number Current location Clear form. Often covering social and moral subjects, preaching may be intended to: Nowadays the Kalpa-Sootra is read by Jain monks during inn holy festival of Paryushan.

Rudi Jansma, Jaipur, November Go to: Religious instructions and principles are passed on orally and in writings from one generation of mendicants to the next, continuing the monastic lineage.


This important Jaina canonical text is the oldest available on the life of the Tirthankaras. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Because of their jin and importance in the literature and practice of the Jain faith, these items are highlights of the manuscripts on the website.

Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Only Monks can read this scriptures as in Jainism, this book has very high spiritual values. The fifth chapter discusses Non-soul Ajiva. This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat Jai Jinendra, Its great to hear that so many people are having curiosity about jain religion and its great to see this lovely site to discuss it,you can find lot of materials on net relating to jain religion on net ,check on jainworld.

Welcome to Jainworld – GUJARATI

Widely used in religious ceremonies across Un, sandalwood paste and powder are used to mark or decorate religious equipment, statues or images, priests and worshippers. Satya Reality or truth. These 36 lectures provide rules for ascetics but also discuss various topics, such as karma and the substances in the universe, and recount the tale of Nemi’s renunciation.

Austerities may be internal — mental — or external — physical.

Omniscient and seated in the lotus pose of meditation, they have bumps on the crowns of their heads, which signifies great wisdom. There is no historical evidence of his existence. A man who has taken a public vow to withdraw from ordinary life to formally enter religious life and advance spiritually.

Sitting on a palanquinhe is accompanied by gods and men who celebrate him.