ITR 2 AY 2014-15 PDF

Here in your case since you have not filed return for AY return can be satisfaction of the tax officer, only then the person is allowed to file the ITR. (ii) Rs. 10, in case it is filed after December 31 of the relevant assessment year. Today we list down for you the changes which have been in the Income Tax Return forms ITR -2 for financial year (assessment year. Yogesh Ji till now, the IT Department not released the Excel utility. U can fill the form by Java utility, or wait for Dept. to release excel utility.

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At, under the above circumstances, please let me know which ITR form, should I file for the assessment year to keep continue its filing and oblige me. There is one question regarding ITR1 Category of applicant.

ITR-2 Excel Version Available for Download for AY

Which ITR form should I fill this time. Is my income is treated as profession or business?

Thanks for your reply. Arvind-How much expenses you can show is purely depend on you. Which income tax form should be used for filing returns.


Prijesh-If trading is short-term in nature then it is considered as business income and you need to use ITR4. If it is like freelancer then you need to treat that as profession along with your normal job. I tried Zy but it looks basically for heavy vehicles owner etc.

Income Tax Return Filing AY Which forms to use?

Can’t I use ITR-4s? I took the NRI Home Loan in year for the construction of the property aj paying pre-emi and emi interest components till date. Please advise — a if I have to file separate returns for my wife and I, or one return combined for both of us; b which ITR form s to use. I have claimed income tax benefit of both interest and principal. Which form should I use and how should I show my income? Hi Basavaraj, I am on a foreign deputation since Jun Siri was working in privet company till december I will get possession in sep ….

Chaitanya-Professional tax is different than the income tax which you have to pay on iyr income. Yes, your profession must maintain the book of accounts irrespective of income. I want to know how to apply for it. After your clarification, I have just uploaded the completed ITR My wife has part time tuition income of apprx 2 lacs p. You can use ITR1.


I am having income giving home tutions. My total income is as follows.

Income Tax Return Filing AY 2014-15-Which forms to use?

J-It depends on tax liability of LIC maturity. Kindly please help on this. If you are not understanding it then better to consult your nearer tax expert. How can I claim exemptions for these and which ITR form should I file and where to mention these exemptions. Shall it be done manually? It is specifically mentioned in the form. Sir thanks a lot for prompt reply… 1.

ITR-4 seems very complex. I have filed form no. While filing income tax return which form he has to use and in which column he has to show the loan which is an exempted income for him. If form what should be the payment type, is it Self Assessment Tax or Tax on regular assessment.