Sixteen-year-old Mary Shelley Black lives up to her striking name—she’s a curious girl fascinated by science, living in , “a year the devil. Read Common Sense Media’s In the Shadow of Blackbirds review, age rating, and First-time author Cat Winters successfully creates a creepy, gruesome. In , “a year the devil designed,” the U.S is engaged in a terrifying new type of warfare abroad while its citizens back home are ravaged by the Spanish flu.

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In a world of sickness and war, Mary Shelly discovers that there are even worse things and she is determined to uncover the truth! Yep, it was a one sitting book for me. If France’s always been the country of humans rights, it takes its time to acknowledge that women deserved them too.

How could you do this to me? In my opinion Cat Winters perfectly nailed the characterizationmaking me care for characters even before meeting them: Lots of feels by the end.

Rarely struggles moved me as much as Mary’s and Stephen’s did. In the Shadows of Blackbirds is historical fiction at its best – so richly atmospheric and full of true accounts that it leaves you chilled to the bone. The paranormal parts of this book never felt cheesy.


Our main character, Mary Shelley Black named after Frankenstein’s author is really cool, kickass, reliable and original. Kids will come away with a strong, accurate sense of how people lived in the fall of and how events a world away can have an enormous impact at home. Her love for science may have influenced upon my liking her, because For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads The onions are used to block the flu back at that time.

Yet, her strength even in the face of death is brilliant and strong.

Whether they worked or not, is hard to say, but no matter, it is interesting reading. He likes money, fame, and power more than anything.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds Summary & Study Guide

She feels his trousers brush against her legs rhythmically and pulls him close until he’s “inside her soul. I really didn’t want the book to end. Tge Common Sense for your family. Cay beyond belief Shelley is determined to find out the true cause of his death. Her writing also had the ability to keep me in suspense, and the ability to let the readers feel what she intended to make us feel. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Julius and his accomplice, Aloysius Darning, another fraudulent spirit photographer, want to earn the prize money in a spirit photography contest and end up killing Stephen. Imaginative fantasy mystery for teens tackles grief, death. There are moments of passion, moments of terror and moments of introspection. What happened with Mary Shelley’s dad.


In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters

Not only was the world desperate and exhausted by the First World War, but far worse was the second wave of influenza that killed anywhere between 50 and million people. There was a problem adding your email address.

Mary Shelley’s childhood sweetheart – Stephen – is off ainters on the front sadow and she waits impatiently for his return. Must be a Cat thing, eh? Teenage girl gets struck by lightning and can see ghosts.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Every single person was scared of the flu, of the war, especially her aunt. I still think everyone should read this book.

This pandemic has been described as “the greatest medical holocaust in history” and may have killed more people than the Black Death. I loved that book very much.