I Chose Freedom is melodramatic in title only. It is the work of an average communist party member during the Stalin era. Kravchenko was a technocrat who. VICTOR KRAVCHENKO: I CHOSE FREEDOM- THE PERSONAL AND POLITICAL LIFE OF A SOVIET OFFICIAL Translator: P├ęter Konok A few years ago the. Raymond Arthur Davies argued in Soviet Russia Today, a journal published by the American Communist Party that Kravchenko “chose freedom to advocate.

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He lived through fantastic man-made famines and Stalin’s purges, first as an idealistic son of a revolutionary, and later as a “confirmed enemy of the regime”.

Feb 07, Jan Mech rated it it was amazing. He says “we denounced as ‘anti-soviet rumours’ what we knew as towering fact”. Please note – I read an abridged version of the book – only pages not Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Kravchenko was born in the Ukraine when it was part of Tsarist Russiaand had a revolutionary frerdom who spent many years in prison. Kravchenko’s lesser-known memoir, although a best seller in Europe, I Chose Justicepublished inmainly covered his “trial of the century” in France.

Victor Kravchenko (defector) – Wikipedia

Aug 29, Renee added it Shelves: The closed society was very good at turning their own people against each other and creating such an environment of fear that nobody would dare speak out against the most insidious decisions from Moscow. I read this book after it was mention by Doris Lessing inher autobigraphy.

These ways included investing his profits made from “I Chose Freedom” into an attempt to organize kravdhenko farmers into new collectives. I Chose Freedom is melodramatic in title only. Mar 21, Kateryna Martynenko rated it it was amazing Shelves: A scary little book about being a Russian throughout the communist regime.

As a survivor of both Soviet and Nazi concentration campsher testimony freeedom Kravchenko’s allegations concerning the essential similarities between the two dictatorships. I chose freedom, despite it’s dreadful cover and the smell of dust emanating from my copy, was such a powerful book.


I Chose Freedom

Ii and try again. He is constnantly monitored by the NKVD secret police both at home and at owrk they search his possessions his furniture, looking for anything incriminating. But Kravchenko inherited a basic socialist ideal from him. Kravchenko was one of the first defectors from the Soviet Union, persecuted, he killed himself in the USA.

It is also a profoundly compelling first-hand account of some of the key events in the 20th century history, and as we all know, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Valentin applied for political asylum in America after discovering that his half-brother Andrew lived there the other American son, Anthony, krabchenko died in Lina Kravchenko rated it it was amazing Oct 10, The translator is not named, but he is clearly a superb writer; the book is gripping, even though – I won’t lie – it is long.

A victr democratic socialistKravchenko felt increasingly alienated from American politics, both from the anti-socialist right-wing and a decreasingly anti-communist left-wing.

The New York Times. Here is the answer. Anna rated it it was amazing Jun 13, freedmo But he also describes how in his position he has all the responsibility and no ability to share his load downwards.

His inspiration came from a paranoia stemming from his “Trial of the Century” and the McCarthy’s, so-called,”anti-communist witch hunt”. Kravchenko had made a deal prior to working with respected journalist Eugene Freedmothat Lyons would not receive credit, only a percentage of royalties.

Victor Kravchenko: I Chose Freedom

Nov 14, Kitty Red-Eye marked it as to-read. Basha Ibrahim rated it it was ok Feb 13, Viktor Andreevich Kravchenko Ukrainian: It gives a wonderful first-hand account of a dark period of world history – communism in Russia. The editing a I found this book the original Charles Scribner’s and Sons hardcover edition in the Harbin Hot Springs library, to which I solemnly intend to return it.


Denise rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Kravchenko was a technocrat who miraculously cut through the totalitarian fabric of Stalinist ideology to demonstrate the bureaucratization of Soviet life and the annihilation of genuine intermediate social structures, such as families, trade unions, professional and religious organizations.

Dec 27, Katie Mcsweeney rated it really liked it Shelves: If one is to acquire a real appreciation of the magnitude of changes underway in the Soviet Union, one must first review the actual character of the totalitarian inheritance.

I got frustrated by the author’s choices sometimes, but can’t judge–I’ve always enjoyed freedom, safety, and plenty. It was perhaps here, that Kravchenko has his forst doubts about the party as he saw for himself that collectivisation had a result of famine and death.

Irene rated it liked it Jan 14, Here Kravchenko sees his chance to get away. Henry Holt and Company. These included investing his profits made from I Chose Freedom and mining ventures that were successful into an attempt to create through mining ventures better living conditions and a better society for the workers.

Also a great description of how the slow realisation of Kravchenko about the true nature of Stalin’s regime.

Recommended to Gary by: Despite these doubts Kravchenko stays in the party – indeed, what choice did have, you don’t leave the party. The Americans refrained from kdavchenko criticism towards the Soviet Union, because of the Soviet sensitivity. It is the life of Victor Kravchenco. My interest comes from these lines in his wikipedia article: