Gaius Julius Hyginus lived in Roman Spain in the first century CE. His Fabulae ( Fables) has long been recognized as being poor in quality and writing style;. Apollodorus’ Library and Hyginus’ Fabulae. Two Handbooks of Greek Mythology. Apollodorus & Hyginus Translated, with Introduction, by Stephen M. First century CE Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus is well known for his writings concerning the Fabulae and Astronomica. These two categories are.

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This is not to try to claim that we should read Hy- ginus like we read Ovid or Vergil, but is a reminder that he is to some extent a product of the same educational background. Amphidamas and Cepheus, sons of Aleus and Cleobule, from Arcadia. He did nothing about this in order to make it to the sacrifice quickly. Theogony Oxford, —6. When they could not live on account of loneliness, they begged Jove either to give men, or to afflict them with a similar disaster. Conversely, the insignificant Agrius, who offers no etymology, falls out.

Gaius Julius Hyginus

Lacedaemon by Taygete, daughter of Atlas. Dietze, Quaestiones Hyginianae Diss. While Hyginus may have been the first to include such pieces of Latin poetry, there are no grounds on which to speculate as to the authorship of these lines. Asclepius, son of Apollo and Coronis, from Tricca. The inclusion of Latinus and Italus, then, represents the point of the myth for the Romans, as emphasized by the two etymologies, the one for the name of the geographic area, the other for the name of the language.

A text like the Fabulae is predi- cated upon utility and, at the risk of oversimplifying, we might sup- pose that its existence depends upon its continued utility. And we cannot consider authors like Hyginus without considering that part of their aims in- volves writing for a Roman audience. Views Read Edit View history. The remaining names, however, do not fit this criterion. Argus by Nioba, daughter of Phoroneus. Munich and Leipzig, ad loc. Immediately following upon the first version in Hyginus is a sec- ond, longer dabulae, which is based on Ovid Met.


This island later was called Delos. Hippalcimus, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, daughter of Oenomaus, fabulaee the Peloponnesus. Others call him the son of Hyperasius, from the city of Piresia, which is at the base of Mt. And so Aeetes gave Jason this task if he wished to take away the Golden Fleece: And we must consider that there is a world of difference between the possibility that Hygi- nus used Vergil and that someone like Apollodorus used Eumelus of Corinth.

This river is called Eridanus by the Greeks; Pherecydes was the first to name it. It is likely that something has fallen out of Hyginus here, and the beginning of the chapter is mangled. When the cataclysm which we call the flood or deluge occurred, all the human race perished except Deucalion and Pyrrha, who fled to Hhyginus Etna, which is said to be the highest mountain in Sicily.

On Atlas, who had been their leader, he put the vault of the sky; even now hygibus is said to hold up the sky on his shoulders. Then Zetes and Calais, sons of the wind Aquilo and Orythia, who are said to have had wings on their heads and feet, chased away the Harpies to the Strophada Islands and freed Phineus from his punishment.

Hyginus was a voluminous author: Signs of influence and indebtedness to Roman authors in the lists are apparent both topically and lexicographically. Fabulae Munich and Leipzig, ChapterQui lacte ferino nutriti sunt, includes both Greek and Ro- man figures in no particular order: Brown, The Narratives of Konon.

Conon 37, where the Phoenicians have their capital in Egyptian Thebes, with M. In Hyginjs 57, the story of Stheneboea, Hyginus tells how Proetus decided to kill Bellerophon by sending him to the Chimaera, quae tripartito ore flammam spirare dicebatur.

Hyginus’ Fabulae: Toward a Roman Mythography | Kris Fletcher –

While such a choice was almost de rigueur by the time Hyginus was writing, it was always fraught with significance; cf. Jupiter granted her request and came with thunder and lightning and Semele burned. He obtained this, too, from Apollo, that another could voluntarily die in his place.


When Arete asked what judgment he would render, Alcinous responded, if Medea were a fabulwe, she would return to her father; but if a wife [i. Then, because he delayed a long time at the tomb, Tiphys, son of Phorbas, died.

This page was last edited on 14 Julyat It is worth mention- ing two other chapters that share phrasing with Ovid, showing that Hyginus was, if not consciously following, at least unconsciously echoing accounts from the Metamophoses. When he seemed sad and he was asked by his wife Arete what was the cause of his sadness, he said that he had been made judge between two opposing communities, between the Colchians and the Argives.

Sternforward Argo by the Great Dog’s tail Is drawn: The first four entries are all Greek and, though it is unclear in the Latin, all of these characters are named after the animals that nurse them. In this regard, the ap- pended Roman material is the most important marker of its Roman nature, because it has been added solely for a Roman audience. In some ways, this last instance is representative of one aspect of Roman mythology in general, its position as a continuation of Greek mythology.

For a list of authors cited by Hyginus, see R. The chapter concludes with a list of the names of the pirates, which largely matches those mentioned by Ovid Met. Eurytion, son of Irus and Demonassa. The presence of this etymology is odd because there was a more common etymology correct in the modern sensehyfinus e. Rose, could only muster the following backhanded defense in discussing a textual matter: Others say Lynceus could see nothing at night.