Hawaldar Bahadur, who starred in his eponymous series, was a Constable in the Police Force of the fictitious (but very closely resembling our. Rare Manoj Comics hindi digest Hawaldar bahadur aur pippilota. Year: s; Condition: Acceptable; Publisher: Manoj. 1 in stock. Add to cart. The latest Tweets from Hawaldar Bahadur (@hawaldarbahadur). पहले ब्युटी, फिर ड़्युटी.

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We have previously spoken about Ram Rahim, two stalwart characters of Manoj Comics who dealt with the ordinary and the supernatural in their quest for justice, when it came to popularity Manoj Comics came just after Raj Comics, and within Manoj Comics bahdaur they had a flagship character after Ram-Rahim, it was the irreverent member of the Constabulary — Hawaldar Bahadur.

Hawaldar Bahadur, who starred in his eponymous series, was a Constable in the Police Force of the fictitious but very closely resembling our own country Roopnagar. And this Police Force could give the Keystone cops a run for their money, being inept, cowardly, and at a few times corrupt.

Despite their inefficiencies there was one thing that they did not lack in — the pride of being Police Officers and the perks that they got with it. Although when actual trouble came they passed on the buck, and Hawaldar Bahadur being at the lowest rung always got handed out the tough jobs.

Although make no mistake, Hawaldar Bahadur despite being the hero of the series was up there with the worst of them, almost as cowardly as his juniors he reluctantly saw himself pushed into missions that would involve certain death. And despite having nothing more than a sense of self-preservation and presence of mind, coupled with no superpowers he ended up battling and winning in fights with mad scientists, dictators of Banana Republics, Thieves, and Robbers, and at times Supernatural beings and aliens.


But Hawaldar Bahadur was not your regular Hero-Villain comic. There was no straight-faced story about a set villain the beginning who is defeated by the time the third act comes, in fact, it is very had to keep a straight face while reading a Hawaldar Bahadur story.

Because if you have been reading the panels posted above you would notice a particular turn of the phrase used by the characters which are downright hilarious. It was easy to see that the writer of Hawaldar Bahadur Ansar Akhtar and the artist Bedi ji — who was also the artist for Bankelal, before his untimely death a few years ago were having fun when they were writing the comics. The panels are perfectly cartoonish, a character who is kicked on his backside behaves exactly like a football, the fight scenes are comical, and the dialogue borders on double entendre.

When cases were just about to get closed the Police Force embarked on a game of one-upmanship to take credit, with the Commissioner often leading from the front.

Introducing : Hawaldar Bahadur! Or The Theater of Absurd – Men of Comics

The villains too used to be completely non-serious, despite the kinds of threat that they used to throw, they were often insulted or abused by their own henchmen, or their modus operandi was laugh worthy.


Till the time Manoj Comics flourished, Hawaldar Bahadur flourished, at times offering topical commentary on politics and terrorism. Unfortunately, in the mids Manoj comics floundered with their major characters out of favor from the public mind.

Fan websites, collectors, and scan-uploaders keep Hawaldar Bahadur alive. On full moon nights and mostly half past ten, he turns into a writer. He likes doubling his happiness and drowning his sorrows in a pond of comic hqwaldar and novels. When neither writing or reading he dedicates his life to Fantastic Pop Cultural References and where to find them.

During the day Vaibhav Srivastav sells Time to a city that doesn’t have any. He has recently inflicted his collection of short stories ‘Borrowed From Tomorrow’ upon an unsuspecting world. bahaduur

Rare Manoj Comics hindi digest Hawaldar bahadur aur pippilota

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