The Gossen Digiflash 2 Light Meter is an ideal enhancement for minimalistic, but nevertheless demanding photographers. This meter exp. The Gossen DigiFlash is a hand held exposure meter. This is an hybrid designed meter because it features a digital display with measurements. Gossen also makes this same meter with the ability to measure flash, called the Gossen Digiflash. The version discussed here only measures continuous light.

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Not likely to survive too many falls. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value. I really like mine a lot and use it constantly.

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Wow, incident light meter, reflective light meter AND flash meter with such a small size. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The Gossen Digiflash Light Meter 2 is ideal for photographers who seek optimal performance in a minimal form factor.


Read the required F-stop on the scale opposite your flash sync speed. Rated 5 out of 5 by Roberto from Fabulous article.

Another first from GOSSEN; the Digiflash is the first flashmeter to combine both analog and digital display in an ultra compact design. I too am pleased with my Digiflash. Idea for my needs. Is it precise and sensitive enough?

Checking it against meters in my DLSR and mirrorless cameras, I found it was underexposing a tad from the factory. No, create an account now. Be the first to review this item. Better to digifflash rules of thumb in most cases. See more of my observations and others at: Gossen Digiflash Light Meter 2.


The two digifladh interface does make moving through the timer, alarm, and temperature functions somewhat tedious if you find yourself taking readings between flash and ambient frequently. Quick order Please Enter Your name. Gpssen 28, 4. Please Enter Email Address so we can send notification, if that product become available for rent. How to choose Exposure Meters? From warehouse Availability date: Is there something really sinister in this small piece of hi-tech?

Personally, what l like about this meter is it displays in EVs like the Pentax spot meter. It also works very well one-handed, which is great if you’re shooting handheld and the other hand is needed for the camera.

A couple of weeks ago someone jostled me at an indoor soccer gosse and knocked mine three feet onto a concrete floor. It will also take reflected readings from nearby objects, and you can use it like an averaging meter by sliding the dome over and sighting over the meter to estimate what it’s looking at.

Rated 5 out of 5 by mik from What a small package for huge features! It just does what it is supposed to, very well. I’m not hard my equipment. Rated 4 out of 5 by A Tabor from A reasonable product Very easy to use with one hand, small and compact. Free Expedited Shipping vyqyuxbatqzvfbfzudwvxredfaaydbbyry. Simlpy enter the desired sync speed, and trigger the flash.


Photos are perfectly exposed, even for flash! Order in the next 0: We can prepare tender and project documents with Exposure Meters. The Gossen is well made. Gossen Digiflash 2 specs. You can find the instructions online in. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. As its name implies, the Digiflash Light Meter 2 also reads flash.

Meter Type digital exposure Measuring modes contiuous light, flash light non cordincident light, reflected light, contrast measurement Light sensor sbc photodiode Measuring angel in reflected mode approx.

I own two other larger meters, a Minolta IV digifllash a Pentax digital spot. The price it is selling for in spring of is a little higher than I would have liked for the meter’s useful functions, but still far better than other offerings on the market.

Gossen Digiflash Light Meter 2 GO B&H Photo Video

Please mark this checkbox to accept our privacy terms, store Your contact and possibly get noted about this rental product in future. Karen Nakamura’s put hers through the clothes washing machine and it digiflasg out working fine. Digiflash Light Meter 2 is rated 4. Individual lessons on how to use Exposure Meters.