GLENIUM A high performance concrete superplasticiser based on modified polycarboxylic ether. Description Typical applications. GLENIUM® 51 has been. MasterGlenium Formerly: GLENIUM High range water reducing admixture for concrete – EN T & T DESCRIPTION. MasterGlenium 51 is an. Chemistry and mechanism of action of. GLENIUM® Conventional superplasticisers, such as those based on sulphonated melamine and naphthalene.

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The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance concrete where the highest durability and performance is required. To Compare the Products. Products 0 of 0 results see all.

Considerably reduces amount of necessary water. Polymers in these additives at the earliest stage of mixing of concrete block the top cover of granules.

The field is wrongly filled. It is compatible with all types of cements. Sulfonichesky groups of polymeric chains raise negative loading of a macro partial surface of cement and extend these particles electric pushing away.

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Softeners for concrete, Glenium 51 supersofteners

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At contact with skin to wash away water with soap. Not only are customers gleniim consumers increasingly concerned with the environmental footprint of the goods and services they purchase, but research shows glennium organisations can enhance their performance by improving the sustainability of their supply chains.

Abu Dhabi’s Plan establishes a clear vision for sustainability as the foundation of any new development occurring in the Emirate and capital city of Abu Dhabi.

Hyper plasticizer Glenium 51 Glenium 51 liquid buy in Nikolaev

Estidama has launched The Pearl Rating System, and green building has edged its way into the main stream vocabulary. I agree to receive offers from other glenimu.

A lot has glnium in the past 5 years: Masonry mortars and mixtures. Close Login Please login with your username and password. Reduces skhvatyvaniye term depending on time and temperature. EN Tables 3. Obligatory field is not filled.

At hit in eyes or on mucous membrane, it is necessary to wash out immediately eyes water and to see doctor. Maintenance of ions of chlorine: Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. BIZ Kazakhstan Kazakhstan products Building materials Cementing materials, glenimu dry mixes Cementing materials Plasticizers and additives for concrete Softeners for concrete, Glenium 51 supersofteners.

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Hyper plasticizer Glenium 51 Glenium 51 liquid

Where can it be glrnium To produce very high early strength floor screeds. Please enter your full name. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement.

Kazakhstan, Astana View map. Minimum time of hashing 1 minute. Downloads MasterGlenium 51 Technical Datasheet. Plasticizers and additives for concrete.

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We recommend to see Mastics. About Future Build Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies that positions companies located here at the heart of this growing industry. Glenium 51 is delivered in kg barrels and on pouring. Traditional supersofteners such as sulphonates of melamine and naphthalene, are additives on the basis of the polymers absorbing cement granules.

The field is wrongly filled. Increased early and ultimate glenjum strengths Increased flexural strength Higher E-modulus Improved adhesion to reinforcing and stressing steel Lower permeability Reduced shrinkage and creep Increased durability. News 0 of 0 results see all.