11, ORF, gi||gb|AIX|;gi||gb|AIX|;gi| |EVB|;gi||gb|EVB|;gi||gb|EVB|;. 4-kinase gamma 4 gi||ref|XP_|hypothetical protein C] AT1G Tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-like superfamily protein. gi||emb|CBJ|Tetratricopeptide repeat containing protein C] AT1G Tetratricopeptide repeat (TPR)-like superfamily protein .

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In the first of my two screenshots above, I have the DVD as a source. These disc image files can be used to create new copies of your discs whenever you wish using the Burn Image project.

Creator NXT 5 should be able to handle your.

How to Open a GI File

I have understood your email and followed the instructions but what I am coming up against is the following. That way I can go poke a stick at some and perhaps find out why your media selector didn’t like them. GIs were made with? The extensions were hidden, didn’t realize when I copy and pasted, all three files are.

Posted June 30, Posted June 30, edited. Try IsoBuster to open the files. I hope you understand what is happening and again if you can shed some light then it is much appreciated.

There are two conversion modes in Disc Copier, as seen filetypf the two buttons you choose from when you start. You 6320 to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted June 28, edited. Anyway thank you for taking time to help, much appreciated.! Sign In Sign Up. Posted August 30, I just then clicked and held Ctrl, and clicked each of the three ‘movies’ shown to highlight them.


How to Open a GI File |

Sign In Sign Up. Posted June 28, Thank you very much though. Register a new account. Can’t locate the original DVDs anymore. Already have an account? Sign in Already have an account? The same happens when I insert the disc in the video compilation mode and then scroll down to my drive and try to ‘add’ the disc.

Tried using the the “Copy and Convert” feature but won’t recognize. Posted June 27, Please come back to me if it isn’t. I have been able to do what Filegype wanted and copied the dvd in compilation mode and then convert the file.

Video Compilation mode will do nearly what you want. I think this is what you are after. What program were your.

The file names for a sample DVD looks something like this: Is there something I am not doing right? GI files properly unless they’re in a non-standard format. If two of the three files are small, then they probably contain meta data. Share this post Link fileytpe post Share on other sites. The only thing you can convert this to is a disc.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If I remember correctly from way back, those three files are a set and the first one without the parentheses is the major file.


Register a new account. Nothing moved to the left or anywhere. Uber new here so any help is appreciated I have a few old. The file names for a sample DVD looks something like this:. In the example I have selected all that are available on this disc, three of them. Glad you got a work-around. Go To Question Listing “How-to” and usability.

You can’t use this mode for converting files. For some reason my. You have the same software as me, are you doing fipetype as I described? It could easily that the files are orphaned now, with no current software to open them anymore.

Found a program called HandBrake, and it was able to read and convert. Try opening the small ones in a text editor or hex editor. I actually don’t know how they fipetype created as they were created from VHS tapes at a shop some years ago!

You select that one, and it drags its children along with it. Posted June 26,