Using an in vitro thrombolytic model, Tinospora cordifolia, Rubia cordifolia, Hemidesmus indicus, Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn, Fagonia Arabica and. Fagonia arabica L., belonging to the family Zygophyallaceae, commonly known as Dhamaso in Gujarati, Ustarkar in Hindi, Dhanvyas in. Fagonia Arabica is one such herb, that has multiple benefits and has its roots strongly fixed in history. This herb was discovered long back and has been used .

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The supernatant was collected and the activity of leaked intracellular LDH was measured using a diagnostic kit Merck India Ltd. Shahidur RahmanH. From small skin problems like pimples to big health concerns like cancer, it has been proven that Fagonia Arabica can prevent and cure them all. It is a green shrub of 1 to 3 feet height found on calcareous rocks distributed throughout the Mediterranean region of Africa, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan How to cite this article: Scientists believe very strongly in the healing potential of nature.

So, if you are still suffering from a lot arabicca medical conditions, talk to your health care provider and bring home this wonderful medicine. In vascular plants, more than phenolic and polyphenolic compounds have been identified e.

It is also available in the powdered form in the stores. Ayurveda, the oldest medical system in the world, provides lots of lead to find active and therapeutically useful compounds from plants. An investigation of antioxidant capacity of fruits in Singapore markets.


Fagonia – Wikipedia

Potassium contents of shoots showed maximum amount in comparison to that of leaves and seeds collectively and root. Determination of antioxidant activity DPPH free radicals scavenging assay The DPPH free radical scavenging activity of each sample was determined colorimetrically, according to the method described by Leong and Shui fagohia The objectives of this investigation were to determine the total polyphenol contents and characterize the free radical scavenging, ferric ion reducing capabilities of F.

High molecular weight plant polyphenolics tannins as biological antioxidants. Efficacy of thrombolytic agents in the treatment of pulmonary embolism. The ability to reduce ferric ions was measured using a modified version of the method described by Benzie and Strain arzbica The twigs of the plant are used as remedy to snakebite and also arabia externally as paste on tumors and for the swellings of neck Rizvi et al.

Chapman and Hall; In addition, they have metal-chelating potential However, its antioxidant potential has not been investigated so far. Both PUFA and iron increase the susceptibility of brain cell membranes to lipid peroxidation 7.

Effect of Fagonia Arabica (Dhamasa) on in vitro thrombolysis

The possible reason for high contents of protein and NFE in the leaves could be due to more photosynthetic activities of the leaves, which might have resulted in maximum protein and NFE synthesis.

Aeabica data regarding nitrogen free extract NFE showed that highest Photomicrographs After ischemia-reperfusion photomicrographs were taken with the fagoniw of Inverted microscope Leica DMIRB to find out the morphological changes after ischemia. These results are contrary to those reported by El-Habibi et al.


This herb is also used in cases of swelling and is used in the treatment of allergies too. Find articles by Girdhar M Taori. There is currently an upsurge of interest in phytochemicals as potential new sources of natural antioxidants. This plant grows in various ecological conditions and hence, its widespread availability.

Its anti oxidant content is known to relieve stress and is widely used for that purpose. Deopujari and Hemant J.


Potassium deficiencies are more commonly seen as a result of several dehydration, diarrhea, burns or other fluid losses and as a result of surgery Witney, Supporting Public Health, The chemical analysis included crude proteincrude fat, crude fiber, ash, moisture content and vitamin C Ascorbic acid of the whole plant and different parts were performed in accordance with AOACvitamin C was determined titrimetricaly while Na, K, Ca, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe and P was determined by Flame Photometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ragonia Spectrophotometer respectively.

There are thousands of medicinal plants with various benefits to their credit.

A new model of bilateral hemispheric ischemia in the unanesthetized rat. Both the changes favourably responded to F. It is advantageous in all its forms and is through and through good for medicinal consumption.

Citations Publications citing this paper. Anything more than a certain level causes damages, same may be the case with this herb. Antioxidant activity applying an improved ABTS radical cation decolorization assay.