UK Faerie Tale The town records have it listed as Erl King Hill – ‘Hill of the Elf King’. To the locals it is known simply as the old Kessler Place. A great ramshackle. Feist, author of the popular Magician fantasy trilogy, turns to the horror genre in Faerie Tale. Raymond E. Feist, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN. A contemporary novel of masterful horror replete with magic, fantasy, and more than a little stylish sensuality.”—The Washington Post.

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As a fan of the fae, I’d say he does a great job of creating a creepy world that is vivid, melancholic, and disturbing. For those of you who get mad at a lot of books because they don’t have good endings, you have nothing to worry about here.

It is suspenseful, exciting and interesting. Plus I think this could be a great screeplay for a horror movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who rahmond fantasy!


Feist’s psyche, and when i realized that nearly every subsequent book he wrote up until when I stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt ALSO included a similar scene, I gave up on him as an author and literally threw all the Feist books I owned from that period in the garbage. Feist was born Raymond E. As usual in this type of book, it’s the kids who really see what’s happening and have to take it upon themselves to do what the adults can’t, which makes the story far more effective.


I did have a few issues, though. I’d recommend this book for when you’re in the mood for something a bit bleaker. Phil Hastings was a lucky man-he had money, a growing reputation as a screenwriter, a happy, loving family with three kids, and he’d just moved into the house of his dreams in rural of magic-and about to be altered irrevocably by a magic more real than any he dared imagine.

Maybe they would for you too.

He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in by Doubleday. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My own problems, however, were threefold; first, I really don’t like fantasy and it’s my firm belief that this will be my last book to fit into that category. This is the first of Ffaerie works that I read, and on re-reading, the magic holds. Only through believing the insane and impossible can faeriw save both worlds from colliding again. My female friend who doesn’t read very often, couldn’t put this down, but couldn’t read it by herself at night.

This countains moments of laughter, horror, and at times a feeling of something inappropriate. He takes his time in the beginning of the book. This book appears to have been the first and was easily the worst as the female character is actually described as WANTING it to take place for a portion of the rape. Typically, he sets his stories in the Realm he first began to create with “Magician: During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician.


To give this book ANY stars would be giving it too many.

Faerie Tale (Literature) – TV Tropes

Faerie Tale — December — no spoilers. However, instead of continuing to build and escalate, the tension plateaued and remained steady. Another reviewer mentioned Dan Brown. To ask other readers questions about Faerie Taleplease sign up.

Faerie Tale

I’d definitely nominate them as the main characters for a sequel. Midway through, that was my least favorite aspect of an otherwise impeccable tale maybe conspiracy theories aren’t my thing!

Not to say that the book doesn’t have a few flaws that I’ve probably overlooked over the years, if it’s true than I will just have to defend it fafrie say that this book is flawsome! There are a few scenes worthy of The Exorcist in terms of disturbing horror involving children. Gabbie, their older half-sister, meets the man of her dreams, but also is tempted by other men.

Jul 09, Jade rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything feisy these characters is just too perfect, they have everything going for them.