EW100 G2 PDF

With this pedigree resonating in the background, the new G2 evolution series of wireless transducers, transmitters and receivers has hit the. Basic Setup of Sennheiser EW G2 Series Wireless Systems. In most cases the wireless systems frequency will already have been set before you left the. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Sennheiser EW G2 User Manual • Sennheiser Audio.

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Learning to use the EW G2 may seem daunting, but Sennheiser designed the system to be highly compatible and simple to use.

Knowing the button mode on one device allows you to use the other components: Reset the unit back to factory default settings. Press the “Set” button and scroll up using the up and down arrows until you see “Reset. Scan for open frequencies. Click the “Set” button and we100 down using the arrows to “Scan. Press “Set,” and this will store your open frequencies. Press the “Set” button and scroll to “AF Out. Set the AF Out to approximatelybut this will depend on the other equipment you are using.

Check the equipment manual to know what frequencies are acceptable. Select the lowest possible squelch setting without compromising sound quality. Turn the transmitter on. The transmitter functions much the same way as the receiver.


Instructions for How to Operate a Sennheiser EW100 G2

For simplified use, the buttons and screen work in the same format. If you need to, you can reset the transmitter to factory settings as you did with the receiver.

Set the sensitivity of the transmitter by going to “Sensit” within the operating menu. Toggle between the sensitivity numbers. The proper sensitivity for someone talking is between and The louder the sound is that you are recording, the greater positive number the sensitivity setting should be.

The sensitivity display should only peak during an event’s loudest moment; the average sound level should be right in the middle of the sensitivity meter. Once the sensitivity bar is adjusted correctly, press “Set.

Press the “Set” button. Scroll to the Bank display using the arrows.

Press the “Set” button to enter the Bank options. Go to one of the nine bank option settings; Bank 1 through 8 have pre-set frequencies, while the U or user bank has any frequency. Choose one frequency within the bank, such as Match the transmitter frequency to the receiver frequency.

Press “Set” on the receiver and scroll to Bank. Enter the same Bank number you entered on the transmitter and press “Set” on the same frequency as the transmitter. The RF light should illuminate on the receiver when the transmitter and receiver v2 on the same frequency. Connect the SKM G2 microphone to the transmitter by selecting the same frequency.


Sennheiser EW100 G2 User Manual

Make sure that the sensitivity level on the transmitter is adjusted accordingly. Sennheiser made every component of the EW G2 series use the same button format: Connect the rack-mount receiver EM G2 to the other components.

Hook the ew1100 antennas up through the BNC sockets on the back of the component. Go to the operating menu on the EM G2.

Sennheiser EW G2 Wireless Microphone | eBay

Use the “Set” button and the arrows to scroll to the AF Out. Tim McQuade began writing in He has worked for two newspapers, including “The Ithaca Times,” and has had a short story published. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Techwalla. References University of Wisconsin: EW G2 Operating Manual.

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