The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Today we take a look at The McKinsey Way, a book written by a former Associate at McKinsey, Ethan M. Rasiel, who is also the co-author of. Results 1 – 15 of 15 The McKinsey Way: Using the Techniques of the World’s Top Strategic Consultants to Help You and Your Business by Ethan Rasiel and a.

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The McKinsey Rasiep provides access to the problem-solving, communication, and management techniques of one of the most admired consulting companies. Selling the study Mckinsey never sells or advertises, it markets by very valuable insights and publications.

The right way to sell a service or a product is to be there at the right time and make sure the right people know who you are.

Business Book Review: The McKinsey Way

Managing hierarchy The One rule: Make your boss look good. If you do so, he will make you look good as well Do your job well.

Keep your boss informed, but no information-overloaded. The problem should be broken down into issues which are MECE, means no overlap between 2 issues and at the same time all the issues should cover all the parts of the problem Hypothesis-driven: Create an Initial Hypothesis IH at the first meeting itself. Dig for the facts to test whether the hypothesis is rthan or wrong; adjust the hypothesis to match the facts and then, repeat the process.


To structure an IH, begin by breaking the problem into its components—the Key Drivers. Make an actionable recommendation regarding each driver.

Most business problems resemble each other more than they differ. Continue to hit singles, not home runs.

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raiel The way to success is to solve hundreds of little problems Make sure the solution fits for your client and they can implement it. A wonderful business solution is useless if the company lacks the resources to follow the advice Sometimes you have to let the solution come to rasel Sometimes problems may be unsolvable. No reasons Always think of the big picture Is it the most important thing you should be doing right now?

The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel

Combine it with cultivated guessing Selling the study Mckinsey never sells or advertises, it markets by very valuable insights and publications. Assembling a team Choose people with right skills, and personality Bond with the team and know them at a personal level!

Keep your boss informed, but no information-overloaded Doing research Always start with the Annual Report Look for outliers in data Why has it happened, why they look especially good or bad Conducting interview Before an Interview: Make an Interview questionnaire. When you are back in office Always write a thank you email or call in person to oblige for the interview Conducting interview Be prepared.


Business Book Review: The McKinsey Way

Share a pre-read Purpose of brainstorming is to generate new ideas—leave preconceptions out of the room; bring the facts, but find new ways of looking at them Remember: Over-communication is always better than under-communication Three keys to an effective message Keep a message concise Ensure your message contains everything your audience needs to know Ensure the message has a structure Always look over your shoulder; maintain confidentiality Managing Internal communication Keep Client team on your side Engage the Client in the process.

Difficult or impacting solutions need support from all levels of the organisation Be rigorous about implementation Deal with liability Team members Surviving at McKinsey Find someone senior in your organisation to be your mentor Make travel an adventure will lighten your load.

Take these 3 things with you wherever you go: Clothing, Tools—writing pad etc.

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