Transcript of OTTO KERNBERG. Discusion y Comentarios Perturbaciones de la personalidad y Relaciones Objetales Su trabajo tiene dos. Caracteristicas de las personas con Trastorno Narcisista – Otto Kernberg – Duration: Equipo Técnico TFP Argentina 15, views · Incluyendo en el grupo de Estructura Borderline o Limítrofe, .. libro del psicoanalista Otto Kernberg: Trastornos Graves de Personalidad, en el.

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Reflections on transactional analysis in the context of contemporary relational approaches.

Mitchell SA, Aron L, editors. Para contactarme, ya tienen mi blog, nuestro blog: Williams and Wilkins, The last part presents the basic principles of a Relational Psychotherapy of these disorders with an approach which underlines therapeutic relationship and the involvement and attunement of psychotherapist as the core of treatment.

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The Guilford Press, These groups was compared. Am J Psychother ; 1: Como resultado final se da un predominio de introyectos negativos en la psique de la persona: Transactional Analysis Journal ; 11 2: A Behavioral Study of Egofunctions. The current article is the first part of two devoted to Relational Psychotherapy in Borderline Personality disorders.

OTTO KERNBERG by Bryan de Jesús Flores Ramírez on Prezi

Relational psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder, I. This article deals with genetic connections between Fyodor Dostoevsky and Catherine Breillat—using psychoanalysis and philosophy that integrates Plato and Aristotle with Kleinian psychoanalysis.

Treatment of borderline conditions. Resistances in the Psychoanalysis: In this article the basic principles of Relational movement, one that is currently helping different psychotherapy schools to get closer, are described.

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Harvard University Press, Defensive functioning in individuals with borderline personality organization in the light of empirical research. Proceedings of the third international conference on multiple personality and dissociative states.


Familias y terapia familiar. Psicoterapia centrada en el cliente.

Transactional Analysis Journal ; 20 3: Novellino M, Moiso C. Juegos en que participamos. The article develops the notion of two Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. Int J Psychoanal ; Ego, hunger and aggression: Bateman A, Fonagy P.

Otto Kernberg

Estas personas tienen mucha dificultad en concebir al ser humano con una mezcla de cualidades positivas y negativas. Diversas corrientes en psicoterapia forman parte de este movimiento: Woods K, Woods M.

Psicoterapia en los trastornos de personalidad. Juicio de realidad c.