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In particular, each electric contact 7 is advantageously made of metal and can be associated with a respective conductive element projecting from the end portion 3 of the lamp 2 to connect the lamp 2 to suitable electric-energy transmitting means A shown in the accompanying drawings.

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As better illustrated in FIG. Please register with our newsletter portal and subscribe to exciting information from Ascendo. The holding device 1 comprises a hollow body 4 which is electrically insulated and is set to receive the end portion 3 of lamp 2.

A device as claimed in claim 19characterised in that said hooking means 16 comprises at least one junction element 17 b having a substantially flat conformation and at least one through cavity 18 formed in said junction element 17 b to house at least one screw This passageway 15 a is placed at a central position and is adapted to enable passage of the electric cables A secured to contacts 7 for current distribution.

A device as claimed in claim 16wherein the hollow body 4 has a through slot 5 formed therein and set to receive the end portion 3 of the lamp 2. In addition, due the presence of a crack in the ceramic body no electric insulation exists between the energised parts and the screw.

It is also to be pointed down that the hollow body 4 can be in engagement in a reversible manner with the supporting element 14 by means of suitable connecting elements of known type and therefore not further described or illustrated in detail.

Removable incandescent light bulb base permitting conversion to fluorescent lighting products. During this closio each conductive element causes abutment of two side walls perpendicular to each other onto the slide surfaces 9 b10 b of the resilient counter-elements 9 In addition, due to the new positioning of the screw seats the mounting distance of the screws themselves can be advantageously freely varied depending on requirements, by selecting a distance between centres of 12 mm or also of This lamp 2 consists of a light emitting bulb 2 a made of glass or other transparent material.

Another important aim of the invention is to devise a lamp holding device capable of enabling coupling exclusively with a single preestablished lamp type, i.


Each aperture 6 is suitably arranged and shaped for receiving an electric contact 7. Extending from the opposite side of the bulb is an end portion from which two electric-connection elements project the shape of which is adapted to enable association with respective electric contacts.

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Ascendo Lighting was established in Sydney Also in the described solution in which the electric contacts consist of a flat spring, an unintentional slight movement of the lamp can cause separation of the connection elements from the electric contacts, which will bring about lack of distribution of electric energy. With reference to the drawings, the lamp holding device in accordance with the invention has been generally denoted at 1.

Operation of the lamp holding device 1 in accordance with oclosio invention described above mainly as regards structure, is as follows.

Description of a preferred but not exclusive embodiment of a device in accordance with the invention is now given hereinafter and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:. The hooking means 16 is further provided with a pair em screws 17 housed within respective cavities 18 made in the junction element 17 b.

Socket for glass cap halogen lamp – has case with two springy strips with bent ends snapping into recesses in chamfered sides of cap.

E.M.C. Colosio S.p.A.

In fact, said screws 17 are disposed on the junction element 17 b and not directly on the hollow body 4 so that there is wmc risk of damages to the hollow body made of ceramic material.

Two diametrically opposite apertures 6 are formed at the inner surface 4 b of the body 4each of said apertures being disposed in side by side relationship with a side portion 5 b of the slot 5 see in particular FIG. It is to be pointed out that advantageously the hooking means 16 can be associated with the device 1 also in the condition showing the hollow element ecm inserted into the housing space 15 of the supporting element Home About Ascendo About At Ascendo our mission is simple, we have always sought to help designers, owners and installers create beautiful spaces through high quality lighting.

Advantageously, by the resilient thrust of the flat spring, the electric contact is maintained steadily associated with the connection element to ensure a continuous electric connection. As above cplosio, the device 1 further has hooking means 16 to secure the supporting element 14 to a frame, a ceiling light or any other support.

Therefore, the holding space 13 set to receive a conductive element of given sizes is not able to receive conductive elements of different sizes or shapes that can be energised. Due to the thrust action of the conductive element on the first and second resilient elements 910said elements 910 take their respective opened position to enable passage towards the holding space It is to be pointed out that the present invention has been conceived in relation to lamps 2 of a new conception with a connection or base identified by the abbreviation PGJ5 having a rated voltage of V and an impulse voltage of V.


A device as claimed in claim 22characterised in that said first resilient counter-element 9 mec a substantially laminar conformation and is provided with a slide surface 9 b contiguous to the respective contact surface 9 a cklosio said slide surface 9 b being set to abut onto the conductive element during movement of the first element 9 from the respective constraint position to the opened position to enable passage of the conductive element into the holding space As a result, the screws do not run the risk of being energised even in the event of possible breaking of the device.

It is provided a lamp holding eemc 1 comprising a supporting element 14 made of an electrically insulating material and having a housing space Under this situation, the screw head being is disposed externally and in sight could be dangerously energised. Working closely with customers, we design colosip manufacture turnkey solutions to meet individual specifications. Our customer base is diverse; we have supplied custom designs and luminaires for office towers, hotels, high end residential, cinema chains, major retail chains as well as a number of factories and warehouses.

Advantageously also following slight movements of the whole device, the lamp is in any case maintained in abutment on at least one surface 9 a10 a11 a. The lamp further has an end portion 3 of a substantially cylindrical conformation and extending from the opposite side of the bulb 2 a along said longitudinal axis. A device as claimed in claim 16characterised in that it further comprises: Advantageously, the device 1 can only be used for the intended type of lamp and other lamp types cannot be inserted into said holding space 13 and therefore cannot be dangerously energised.

Advantageously, each conductive element has a parallelepiped conformation with a square cross section in which four side walls are defined.