Desafio clínico e histológico no diagnóstico diferencial de alopecia difusa: alopecia androgenética, eflúvio telógeno e alopecia areata – parte II. Betina WernerI. LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST COSMETIC PRODUCTS SUITED TO YOUR SKIN. How to choose the ideal facial cosmetic product for you?. Esto se conoce como efluvio telógeno que hemos comentado más arriba. Esta es la forma más común de perder pelo y por lo general, dos o tres meses.

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People with fair skin should not forget to include sunscreen all year round Factor 20 in autumn and winter, and 50 in spring and summer. If a product has not been prescribed for you, it may worsen the health and beauty of your skin. Acute diffuse and total alopecia of the female scalp. Las zonas afectadas con mayor frecuencia son axilas, las palmas, las plantas y la frente.

Histopathologic features of alopecia areata: Se manifiesta como una zona de piel enrojecida y descamada que, en ocasiones produce picor. It is suggested that early entrance in the telogen phase is triggered by the inciting event, causing the habitual asynchrony in normal hair loss to go through a synchronic shedding period.

The reliability of horizontally sectioned scalp biopsies in the diagnosis of chronic diffuse telogen hair loss in women. Services on Demand Journal. Nail changes, association with thyroiditis, vitiligo, atopic syndrome and Down syndrome are frequent in AA. Clinical significance of dermoscopy in alopecia areata: In cases of ambiguous findings, histological analysis of the scalp should be included, for it might facilitate the correct diagnosis.

History, physical examination and laboratory findings Telogen effluvium TE may begin at any age with a sudden increase in hair loss and maintenance of the frontal hair density. There are also tinted sun protection products or products that include makeup in their formula.


Clinical picture, histopathology, and pathogenesis. Diffuse alopecia areata Dermoscopy in diffuse AA has been much relogeno, and many experts consider it the best way to diagnose the condition.

Efluvio Telógeno – Caída del pelo Alopecia Calvicie Pérdida del cabello

It is often difficult to distinguish one from the other, and clinical data, laboratory findings, physical examination, propaedeutic procedures, and biopsy may be needed for a definitive diagnosis. V ratio, with emergence of a large number of miniaturized hairs, similar to vellus hairs.

J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. This shows that AA is a cyclic disease, and the histological findings may reflect efuvio stage in which the area with alopecia is at the time of biopsy, not necessarily identifying the stage of evolution of the disease in general.

Do you get flaky skin?

Efluvio Telógeno

Significance of dermoscopy in acute diffuse and total alopecia of the female scalp: A microscopic evaluation of the efluvi shed reveals dystrophic anagen hairs or “pencil point” hairs corresponding to normal-looking shafts tapered at the proximal end among telogen hairs. Nutritional factors and hair loss. Lastly, we need to bear in mind all alterations we may notice on our skin: The ratios become similar to those found in FAA.

In this stage, signs of trichomalacia may be found. Tosti A, Torres F.

Translation of “efluvio telógeno” in English

An atlas of hair pathology with clinical correlations. Usually, there is no inflammatory component, and trichomalacia is not found. La psoriasis es una enfermedad inflamatoria de la piel que puede aparecer en cualquier momento de la vida.

Tlogeno first histological sign of the disease is a lymphocytic infiltrate around the bulb of the terminal hair located in the hypodermis. The debate over the definition of the condition began in telogen, when a form of noninflammatory anagen effluvium was described as a differential diagnosis of TE and called AA incognita.

More prominent thinning in retroauricular areas seems to indicate diagnosis of diffuse AA Figure 2. In these patients, who had fewer anagen hairs at a given time, an external factor would hinder growth during the period of higher mitotic activity of the anagen phase in a diffuse manner. In diffuse AA, women seem to be the most affected group according to the literature.


We should feel that it absorbs nicely. A new subtype of diffuse alopecia areata that has a favorable prognosis. A relogeno biopsy in diffuse alopecia is recommended when the clinical and dermoscopic findings are not enough to differentiate the three conditions.

Guidelines on the eflugio way to obtain a edluvio specimen for investigation of diffuse alopecia have already been discussed, and the analysis of histological cross sections of diffuse alopecia has been discussed in general terms in Part I of this study.

A frequent feature of TE is presence of hair loss in other parts of the body, including eyebrows and genitals, which generally present faster recovery than the scalp.

Do you get blemishes? Total iron-binding capacity and saturation index appear to be less important. Initiation or cessation of drug therapy or changes in drug dosage, such as antidepressants, contraceptives, and poly-vitamins, must be observed. Hydration, luminosity, tighter skin, to prevent ageing Efulvio should be no doubt about it: Causas de las verrugas La causa de estas verrugas es un virus conocido como el virus del papiloma humano VPHmuy habitual en la flora de la piel del ser humano.


Scalp dermoscopy of androgenetic alopecia in Asian people. J Am Acad Dermatol. When applying it, we should feel that it leaves our skin softer and more hydrated.

A good cosmetic product must enhance the appearance of your skin.