es. efecto piezoeléctrico. fi. pietsosähköisyys. it. effetto piezoelettrico effetto Hall nn, piezoelektrisk effekt. pl. zjawisko piezoelektryczne. pt. efeito piezoeléctrico . por efeito termoiônico nos processos de carga e descarga e na perda de cargas armazenadas devido à autodescarga em supercapacitores. eswiki Emisión termoiónica; etwiki Termoemissioon; fawiki گسیل گرمایونی ptwiki Efeito termiônico; rowiki Emisie termionică; ruwiki Термоэлектронная.

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Made experiments it was concluded termoionixo the parameter further deterioration suffered with the increase of thermal energy is EPR Depthen C DCwhich in fact little changed and ESR Instin which the change in the measurement error was are noticeable.

This document is only for private use for research and teaching activities. How to cite this article.

Introduction to the superconductivity, its applications and the mini-revolution provoked by the termoioniico of the MgB 2: Learn what derived works are clicking here. These parameters were chosen because of the impact they have on lifetime, the storage capacity of electric charge, the speed of loading and unloading, the loss thermionic effect on the charge and discharge processes and loss of stored charge due to self-discharge in supercapacitors.


This rights cover the whole efdito about this document as well as its contents.

The collected data and values are intended to serve as a comparative reference point and quality parameter which most affects the quality of the supercapacitor.

The text present then the changes that the MgB 2 discovery brings to research and applications.

thermionic emission – Wikidata

Any uses or copies of this document in whole or in part must include the author’s name. In this article the discovery of the superconductivity at39K in MgB 2 is discussed in a didactic and conceptual way.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This paper aims to report information on electrical and microstructural characteristics of electrodes applied at devices that store energy, specifically supercapacitors made of activated carbon electrodes.

Study of electrical and microstructural characteristics of supercapacitors for energy storage. Sorry, but Javascript is not enabled in your browser!


Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden. In the way it is written, it is believed the text is of interest not only to the general scientific community, not specialized in superconductivity, but especially to high school physics teachers, that could take advantage of the text in activities involving topics of contemporary physics.


To point out its importance the history of the superconductors is discribed shortly, from its discovery in in Hg up to nowadays. The data given by microstructural images of the homogeneity and porosity values correlated by the chemical composition and possible contaminations present in the electrodes.

termoiobico The main inherent characteristics to the superconductor state are pointed out and some of its applications are indicated and represented in illustrations. The studied electrical parameters were the equivalent series resistance obtained by the method of the instantaneous value of the voltage drop ESR Instwhere the acronym ESR has the meaning Equivalent Series Resistance, the equivalent parallel resistance EPR Dep obtained by the method of dependent value, where the acronym EPR has the meaning Equivalent Parallel Resistance, and teroionico capacitance C DC obtained by the method of direct current.

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