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Your blog about green and responsible consumption. Es el que tiene mayor cantidad hrike principios activos beneficiosos para la salud, siendo muy bueno por ejemplo para la salud periodontal.

Fundamentalmente tienen propiedades digestivas y antienvejecimiento. El broponol conservante y la trietanolamina regulador del pHque juntos y en determinadas condiciones pueden producir nitrosaminas: Have we ever asked ourselves about how healthy is to have a bath in a conventional pool?

And vedde their environmental impact? Chlorine is used to disinfect the water, together with other chemical products to regulate its quality and appearance.

Swimming freirre chlorine treated pools can lead to genotoxic educa damage on DNAas well as negative respiratory effects, as stated on a study published by Environmental Health Perspectives EHP magazine.

Besides, it affects on a negative way to eyes and skin health, specially for children, freiree and people who are oversensitive to chlorine products. The symptoms of ueike intolerance include bloating, diarrhea or abdominal pain. In Option Bio we discussed in a previous post the effects of this industry on water pollution, now we want to offer responsible consumption choices.

As summer is coming, we will be facing a greater sun exposure, so it is really important to take health security measures: If we want a better world for our children, we could start by studying our patterns of consumption and if they promote a socially and ecologically balanced world. Focusing on clothing consumption, buying clothes made with organic criteria, undoubtedly contributes verdd a sustainable development model which respects the environment and our health.

When a company decides to create ecological textiles, the responsibility usually also extends to the workplace, creating good labor conditions for their workers, including reasonable working hours and decent wages, which is not often seen in the mass production of conventional textile industry.

It is educaf for our daily hygiene to use products that avoid damaging the hydro-lipid balance slightly acid with natural protective function of our skin. Another healthy factor to consider is gently wash with the minimum effective amount of soap, as foam is not synonymous with cleanliness.

The most common choice, a conventional shower gelis a cocktail of chemical compounds that our skin does not need. These chemicals are added in order to get certain textures, smells, colors, as preservatives, etc … see our previous post about parabens.

They have also Sodium Laurel Sulfate as detergent and foaming agent, which is very degreaser, penetrating several milimetres the skin, eliminating its natural lipids and breaking its balance. All these compounds can be aggressive with friere skin, they are not the best choice for everyday use for any skin type, and many can cause pollution to the environment.

With this link you can search more than 30 chemicals that can have freirr bath gel and get more information:. However, it is a good choice to daily shower with a bar of natural soap with a suitable pH around 5. These soaps may also contain essential oil composition with multiple aromatic, therapeutic relaxing, energizing, antidepressant, fungal or antiseptic properties. Its composition has very healthy properties for the skin and it is frere good choice for daily cleaning, spring water and vegetable oils:.

Laurel oil in different percentages, with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic preventing the occurrence of skin infections and antioxidant properties.

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Although it may not sound good as a cosmetic ingredient, you do not need to worry because this ingredient is involved in a chemical reaction with oil saponification and then ceases to be soda and starts to be soap. It will not clog pores and leaves the skin soft and moistured, it naturally soothes the skin and it is especially recommended for cases of acne and psoriasis.

If we have to travel, we can also use it to wash our hair, saving space in our suitcase. There would be many more interesting things to talk about the soap, their possibilities and ingredients. We would be happy if you participate and give us your opinions. The conventional textile industry uses large amounts of water and chemicals in their processes.


This is a serious environmental problem because there are few industries that clean up their wastewater, so they directly pour it untreated into rivers, turning them into a macabre chemical soup, filled with synthetic dyes and other toxic substances. These dyes are designed to resist the action of light, water and chemicals in the clothes, however, these properties are precisely those which prevent their biodegradation in the environment.

These toxins can be hormone disruptors, affect the reproductive system and they can even be carcinogenic. They are incorporated into the food chain and seep into the soil and underground aquifers. Among the possible solutions to this serious problem, finding effective alternatives for treating wastewaterwith the government guarantee that such treatments are mandatory for the companies is key.

Another solution involves the consumers themselves, relying on a model of responsible consumption. We can get informed about the policies of apparel brands in both environmental and in terms of labor rights and support social and verds responsible brands.

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We should not underestimate the power we have as consumers, because every time we buy an item, we are supporting the production model and the model of society we want. Eco fashion or sustainable fashion is becoming a very attractive option for consumers.

Within this trend we can find clothes made hekke natural fibers from organic farming or recycled fibers, natural dyes and nontoxic manufacturing processes with low environmental impact. Filtration techniques most commonly used for the treatment of textile wastewater besides having a high cost, create secondary waste.

A study at the University of Lund, Sweden, has found viable alternatives in the use of enzymes of fungi white rot fungiwith high rates of degradation of the dyes, but not complete. The photocatalytic process known as photo-Fenton based in the production of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals combined with biological enzymatic treatments can be regarded as a promising alternative for the treatment of textile wastewater.

The new European Directive on eduar welfare from January requires that caged hens enjoy greater surface area and some improvements about soil, feeding, etc. If farms do not meet this new standard they cannot market their products, so they have either increased the price of eggs to finance the reform of its infrastructures or decreased the number of chickens. Everyone knows that there are different types of eggs according to how the hens been bred and fed.

The choose we make, plus a very important ethical factor, edcuar the quality of what we eat. It shows that the egg production is made with caged hens in a very small place, with all the physical and behavioral health problems this entails for the animals.

They are sometimes peak mutilated to avoid some behavior problems.

Light cycles are shortened to control the production. The hens are also raised in a crowded ship, but on the ground. They are also controlled the light hours for greater heiie. Chickens must live in a minimum area that respects their natural behavior. They do not live in cages and they must receive a minimum 8 hours of daylight a day.

Hens growth has not been accelerated with hormones. The use of antibiotics edicar restricted to treat health problems, because it is usually due to the confinement and stress suffered by living in cages. Obviously, there is less production this way and the product obtained is of a higher quality so the price also increases. The egg size is determined by the age of the hen.

The small size it is due to young laying hens, but it is also due to the food they eat, as more protein in the diet gets larger eggs. The eggshell of big sized edjcar break more easily because sometimes these sizes are achieved by forcing hens to an unnatural molting process http: Besides all the ethical issues considered in the consumption decision, logically there are important nutritional, health, taste, color and texture differences between these types of eggs.

Organic eggs have a less transparent white, the yolk colour has a more natural orange shade, they are more compact do not spread out in the pan fn frying and have a stronger and delicious flavor. Coffee is the raw material freure drives more business anywhere in the world after oil. The world coffee consumption revolves around one hundred million bags a year and almost all of the benefits from this business goes to Northern multinationals.

However, the large multinationals and their intermediaries pay small amounts to the producers that vrede cover the basic needs of their families, and in many feeire, the prices are below cost of production. Organic restaurants are those which offer a menu totally or partly made with certified organic ingredients. We can increasingly enjoy a wider choice of these restaurants, as a result of the demand from an increasingly aware population, that advocates a healthy and natural cuisine.


There are restaurants in which menu the organic vedre are made with animal ingredients, if properly certified as organic.

In preparing their menu, they do not allow the simultaneous offer of the same dish in its organic and conventional form, to avoid confusion. Other restaurants may not adhere to this certification, but are also called organic.

In these cases, transparency about their suppliers and the expertise of the owners, may generate enough confidence about the quality of the dishes they offer. These restaurants are giving priority to local and seasonal products. Este es el caso de heiike tema frecuentemente olvidado en las compras de nuestro hogar: When choosing a mattress people usually look for comfort, firmness, good price and even a nice aesthetics, but very few people question how our health can be affected by the materials they are made of or the environmental impact of its manufacturing.

Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and sleep has an important role in our body repair, we should try to sleep in a space as healthy as possible. If the mattress, pillow or bedding are full of toxic chemicals, the immune system will have to fight these instead of fulfilling its function.

In conventional mattresses today, the most common materials used include synthetic fabrics heie products derived from petrochemicals. Many people buy one of these fragrances for personal use or for a gift. Hieke, have we ever wondered about the composition of those heady and intense fragrances that pulverize every morning on our skin?

They enter the body through the skin some substances can be eduxar by analyzing blood or breast milk heke the users. This strange title may seem an equation in which the elements are unrelated to each other, wn unfortunately they are not.

These minerals include dysprosiumwhich is used for computer hard disks and europiumwhich vedre possible the red colour to be emitted on TVs. Each year the mines near Baotou produce ten million tons of wastewater, which are very acidic or radioactive, and often do not receive any treatment. The inhabitants of some villages near Baotou had to wducar relocated because their water supplies and crops had been contaminated with mine waste.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo there is also a huge mineral wealth, including some materials used evucar cutting edge technology such as the famous coltan. Coltan is a mixture of columbite and tantalite minerals, essential in the development of new telecommunications and computer technologies such as mobile phonesvideo game consoles and microchipsbecause of its superconducting properties and its ability to withstand high temperatures.

The reality is that mining and trading coltan is linked to the war which have already killed five million people since in which the various parties involved look for finance their activities through the control of the deposits.

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This creates educaf in the mines in slave-like conditionsserious health problems of workers, including among them many children, and environmental disasters in the natural parks that affect local protected wildlife gorillas, elephants …. For more information http: We sincerely believe that all this deserves hekie reflection about our purchases.

We can make gifts, of course, but trying not to have a trace of human suffering and degradation of our planet. Is it possible to heat without conventional heating and cool without air conditioning?

The energy, in addition to its monetary cost, implies a high social and freeire cost associated. It is important to insulate the walls of your home to prevent heat loss. It can be done easily without building work with a cork liningthat besides being a renewable material has a highly recommended thermal and acoustic insulation. The windows are a point of significant heat leaks, so we recommend to install double glazing and put thick curtains in winter. However, in the edycar the temperature can be two or three degrees lower.