View and Download Kodak Easy Share DX user manual online. zoom digital camera. Easy Share DX Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for. Kodak DX Digital Camera User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 1. Open as PDF. of 5. Quick Review. Kodak EasyShare. DX User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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Worst-case run time is about 2 hours and 42 minutes, longer than usual among digicams I’ve tested. Image quality on a television screen may not be as good as on a computer monitor or when printed. Reviewing Pictures and Videos When the camera is in the dock, the camera is powered by the dock, not the camera batteries.

Rechargeable battery is not installed see Chapter 9 Make sure the Kodak EasyShare Li-Ion rechargeable manuual is installed in the camera see page charging before first use.

Kodak EasyShare DX zoom digital camera — User’s Guide

Pressing the d Summary of the content on the page No. Press the Share button anytime the camera is on.

Deleting Pictures and Videos Press the Review button. Message High camera temperature. Marked with a camera icon and the word “Auto,” this mode is best for most average shooting conditions. The lens retracts when you turn off the easyshzre. The passive infrared focusing sensor can operate in complete darkness, and is faster than contrast-detection processing under any light level. Press the Menu button to exit the menu. In Review mode, The camera is multi-up video processing a picture.

Just as important as an extra memory card is a tool to rescue your images when one of your cards fails at some point in the future. Pushing down on the multi-controller activates the nine-image index display mode.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX user manual – – Solve your problem

When they are transferred to easyshsre computer, you can share: Press manusl highlight Setup Press to highlight Shutter Sound Turning Off the Mode Description When you turn on the camera or rotate the Mode dial to change modes, the name and a short description of the mode chosen is displayed on the screen.


PASM settings, 21 location, iii joystick, iv Index Kodak EasyShare software getting help, installing, 77 upgrading, Kodak web sites, landscape, 22 landscape button, vi language, setting, 71 LCD screen, iv changing display, 7 lens cleaning, Enables a slide show of captured images, with user-adjustable intervals between images.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When you have questions about your camera, start here. Service agreements are available in some countries. Depending on your computer operating system, Kodak EasyShare software may allow your computer to automatically update the camera clock when you connect the camera.

To turn it back on within 1 minute, look through the viewfinder. Kudos to Kodak for using a metal tripod socket, rather than a plastic one, as is becoming more common on digicams these days. Page of Go. Returns to the previous menu display. While the only focused with average speed in my tests under normal room illumination, the dual-mode AF system again seemed to produce real benefits under low-light conditions.

When you turn off Continuous AF, you may notice a narrower area of focus or depth of field, especially if you zoomed to a telephoto position before recording.

Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 user manual

The Shutter button was not fully pressed down. Recharge the battery page Mode dial was on Eaysshare Mode dial off, then when battery was Be at your computer. Turn off the camera and place it in the camera dock see If prompted, restart the computer.

Turns the date stamp function on or off, which records the date over the image.

Press to highlight Sharpness Chapter 2then press the OK button. Chapter 6then press the OK button. Accessed by pressing the Review button, this mode lets you review captured images and movies, as well as manage files. The camera enters the selected mode.

It definitely won’t fit into your shirt pocket, but the DX is small enough for larger coat pockets, purses, backpacks, etc. The rest of the camera controls are on the rear panel, along with the electronic optical viewfinder EVF and LCD monitor. Although there is a menu eeasyshare available that restricts movie length to 5, 15, or 30 seconds, handy for movies recorded with the self-timer.


Removing a card during formatting may damage the card.

Once in Playback mode, pressing the button again, or the Shutter button, returns to the Record display. Purchase an optional Kodak 5-volt AC adapter to power your camera, or use the one packaged with the Kodak EasyShare camera dock see page In addition to the handgrip covered with a soft, rubbery coating to provide amnual more comfortable and secure gripthe front easyshar also holds a tiny microphone, a Command dial used for exposure adjustment, and a window above the lens that shields the light and autofocus sensors, self-timer lamp, and video recording indicator.

Make sure your camera is NOT in the camera dock when you are connecting to power and the computer.

Move the joystick The settings that revert to the factory defaults: Takes you to the same setup menu as described above for the still-capture record menu system. Copying Pictures And Videos Copying Pictures and Videos You can copy pictures and videos from a card to internal memory or from internal memory to a card.

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. Press to highlight Setup Setup Menus Return to previous menu page See the camera Start Here!

Kodak DX6490 Digital Camera User Manual

While EasyShare cameras have always had very good color and excellent white balance systems, their lens quality was generally easyshrae to the “consumer” market in which they played, and exposure flexibility was generally very limited. If selected, the lens will continuously focus during movie recording. I get a lot of email from readers who’ve lost photos due to a corrupted memory card. To register later, visit www.

The multi-controller toggle navigates through menu settings, confirming selections when pressed straight in.