The DS12C Real Time Clock plus RAM is designed as a direct upgrade As such, the DS12C is a complete subsystem replacing 16 components in a. DS12C Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are Pin Configurations and Ordering Information appear at end of data sheet. WWW. Y.

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The two most significant bits of each byte set the.

When the DS12C is in a write-protected state, all inputs. In addition to writing the ten. When the external power is turned off, the RTC clock keeps running from the internal lithium battery source but the internal registers of the RTC cannot be accessed.

Motorola timing or as Datashet transitions high in the case of Intel timing. This bit is set to one when the alarm interrupt occurs i. The data format for time, date and calendar should be same. The tap selected can be used to generate an output square wave SQW pin. This register tells the status of the interrupts. Each utilized flag bit should be. The general purpose nonvolatile RAM bytes are not dedicated to any special function within the.


A pattern of is the only combination of bits that will turn the oscillator on and allow the RTC.

DS12C 데이터시트(PDF) – Dallas Semiconductor

DS12C on power-up has timed out. The first method uses the update-ended interrupt. Chip Select Hold Time. The RS3 through RS0 bits establish the periodic rate.

The IRQ bus is an open drain output and requires an external pull-up resistor. The time and calendar information is obtained by reading the appropriate memory bytes.

RTC DS12C887

Table 2 shows the binary and BCD formats of the ten time, calendar, and alarm locations. All other combinations of. This bit is set to 1 whenever at least one of the interrupt occurs. Enable both at the same time and the same rate; or.

This is an active low pin and resets all the interrupts and flags. When the DS12C is shipped from the factory, the internal oscillator is turned off. Similarly, the periodic interrupt is enabled by the PIE.

They can be used by the processor program as nonvolatile memory and are fully available. When a flag is set, an indication is given to software that an. IRQ pin is in the high impedance state. On the first Sunday in April the time increments from 1: D7 bit of register A is read only.


Writing a logic 1 to an interrupt-enable bit permits that interrupt to be initiated. If a 0 is ever present, an exhausted. End of clock update cycle. Registers C and D are read-only.

In write cycles the. If an interrupt flag is already set when an interrupt is enabled, IRQ is.

The format of the data can be selected by using the DM pin of the Register B. All ten time, calendar, and alarm bytes must use the. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. All the registers are accessible directly except: The timekeeping function maintains an accuracy of? Multiplexed buses save pins because. The DS12C is, therefore, write-protected. The periodic interrupt will cause the IRQ pin to go to an active state from once every ms to once.

The internal registers are accessible only when the RTC is powered by an external power source. An alarm interrupt occurs for each second that the 3 time bytes.

The DS12C has four control registers which are accessible at all times, even during the update cycle.