File types supported by DraftBoard Unlimited EDU. Our users primarily use DraftBoard Unlimited EDU to open these file types: VLM. Ltd. DraftBoard and DraftBoard Unlimited are trademarks of Concepts Technology Co. Ltd.. Other trademarks and product names are trademarks and registered. Draft Board Unlimited Crack > ef

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Select the Add Functions command in the Utilities menu. All functions and commands that are placed in the Function folder are loaded automatically when DraftBoard is launched. Units This dialog box specifies the units and precision for the current DraftBoard document.

When defining functions only Periods are allowed as decimal indicators no Commas. All isolated construction points are removed from your drawing. The current pen style is checked on the Pen menu. As you drag the mouse, the defining side of the wall falls on the construction line you drag along. You can change the default setting by saving changes in the preferences file. The 11 predefined Line patterns cannot be deleted. If you deactivate the Drawing Assistant by clicking the Drawing Assistant check box all snap modes are deactivated as well.

This indicates that if you hold down the Ctrl-key Macintosh: Plot 2 When you click the Plot button, the curve will be calculated for the specified function values and automatically plotted on the drawing area as a Spline or Line segments when the option Connect points is activated.

Drawing Tools The following section describes the drawing tools found on the Tool palette. Editing the end slope of a spline 1.

Drawing a line perpendicular to another object 1.

Click the Single Line tool in the Tool palette. The length L box is highlighted in the status line. Manual Layout The DraftBoard documentation consists of the following: Copy the desired Source code files into the Function folder in the DraftBoard folder.

Customization DraftBoard can be customized to your personal needs by displaying a Floating Tool Palette, creating Macros or adding commands and ddaftboard via the Function Interface. You can use the Status Line in three ways: Center-Point Circle Tool This tool draws a circle specified by the center point and diameter.


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The X status box is active, showing that you can enter a value for the X coordinate of the beginning point of the line. Tangent-Point Circle draws a circle tangent to two objects, using the diameter. When the pattern element is properly defined, click OK. The Function unliimted x ;f x,y dialog box allows the following settings: To save the edited pattern so that it is available in all future files, choose the Save Preferences command from the Preferences submenu of the Layout menu.

Dash Length There are two ways to change the length of a Dash. The Add Function dialog box allows the following settings: Clicking This method allows you drafboard create objects by clicking points with the mouse.

Try the following exercises to create and change a single line with the Status Line. Change the pen color in the Edit Objects dialog box.

Creating Geometry Offset from a Point If you want to create some geometry that is offset from an existing point, you can use the Status Line to specify the offset. For a 2 point Center Ellipse inscribed in a rectangle the Drawing Assistant’s horizontal and vertical temporary construction lines will cross at the center point once you have touched two vertex points.

Add Spline Control Point Tool This tool allows you to add another control point to an existing spline.

Every day, users submit information to File. Select the pen style you want to use from the Style submenu in the Pen menu. Choose an arrowhead from the Arrowhead submenu of the Pen menu. Select the Selection tool so the Single Line status box clears. You must select and move the endpoints individually. Once a line is drawn, the line Length is the selected status box.

For construction lines in a different angle you must use the Construction command in the Layout menu. Using the Lock Spline Control Point tool 1.


DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide

Displaying dynamic construction lines with existing geometry You can have as many as eight active points; activating the ninth point in a series deactivates the first point. Defining a draftvoard 1.

The selected color is displayed in the New box below the Original box and its color values are displayed in the boxes for hue angle, saturation, and lightness. Unlmiited files are output in such a way that when DraftBoard is subsequently started, the macros will be activated automatically.

You can change the length of the new Dash by dragging its handle or by typing in a value in the Dash Length entry box. It can be invoked with a Control key combination. Click the points for the vectors of the spline. Y X H W The status draftbaord allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the first point, as well as the width and height of the rectangle.

The Edit Style dialog box appears. Select the Reload command in the Extra menu if you have copied the source code files in to the Function draftboad when DraftBoard was already running.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide |

Removing Construction Lines If you have many draftbiard lines and you want to delete only one or two of them, select the lines you want to remove, and then choose the Delete dgaftboard from the Edit menu or press the Back Space key. The names in this list box relate to the encoding of the shape of the stroke and you need not be concerned about them.

As you work with a tool, the tool icons show you the points you must indicate to create an object with the tool. Snap Use this dialog box to set the alignment angles, hit radius, and other settings for the Drawing Assistant.