DIN 24255 PDF

End suction centrifugal pumps in accordance with DIN made of stainless steel AISI , applications include water boosting, heating systems. DIN-Standards Centrifugal End-Suction Pump. The baseplate mounted centrifugal pump to DIN is only rarely used in conjunction with mechanical . The pumps in this series are made to standard DIN and are specifically used in the civil, industrial or agricultural sectors where their characteristics of.

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Standard and heavy duty bearings are available, either grease or oil lubricated. This series of pumps has been specifically designed for industrial or agricultural use, where their characteristic strength and reliability are so important.

If more sophisticated components are required, only the relevant bearing or shaft seal module needs to be replaced with the one having the right specifications.

Horizontal End Suction (ISO or DIN ) – Quantum / Quantum II – Mechem Engineering

Top Share this page. These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against atmospheric elements. Thanks to the similarity between the structural parts, the stock of spare parts can be limited.


The pump has a wide range of shaft sealing options, varying from gland packing to balanced cartridge double seal. B type water pumps with centrifugal impeller built to DIN standards.

Built arrording to DIN norms, these pumps have overall dimensions, sizes and positioning of the delivery and suction openings, support base and other size-related features as required by these norms. CombiNorm represents a range of horizontal centrifugal pumps suited for handling lowviscosity, clean or slightly contaminated liquids.

End Suction Pumps according to DIN 24255

A characteristic of the CombiNorm is the large number of material, shaft diin and bearing system options. B standardized pumps can be installed in any position and not just horizontally, have a structural layout that permits them to be dismantled without disconnecting the pump casing from the pipelines; these features make them easy to use in all situations.

The modular design offers maximum interchangeability between the variants. The pump is designed to EN DIN ; however the number of available types is somewhat larger, which provides a wider hydraulic field.


Centrifugal pumps by DIN 24255 Standard – SIGMIA Trading ENG

Hence CombiNorm is able to handle most pump duties. Suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non aggresive liquids. Contact Us Office Contact.

This means on the one hand that the pumps chosen will be adequately designed to handle even heavy-duty operation, and on the 2455 that they can be interchanged with pumps made by other qualified manufacturers. This is one of the most versatile pump types.