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It includes squamous cell carcinoma and, to a much lesser extent, malignant melanoma. Also called cinema eye.

They are micronutrients, which destroy or neutralize free radicals, molecules, which have been implicated as one causative factor in the stimulation of abnormal cellular reproduction cancer and cellular destruction aging.

A medical doctor or an osteopathic physician who specializes in comprehensive eye care and provides examinations, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of eye disorders. A doctor of optometry but not a medical doctor. A narrow passageway that allows blood to flow through the eye. Variations of the Snellen eye chart can include letter E’s facing in different directions.

Write a customer review. Also called crystalline lens the ortalmologico structure inside the eye that focuses light rays onto the retina. Special contact lenses that can help people with thinning, bulging corneas to see better.

Blind spot, physiological blind spot: Suspensory ligament of lens: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. There may be some tearing and photophobia; vision is rarely impaired.

The degree, to which images received by the eyes are not focused on the retina, e. Each of the eyes sees a slightly different image and the brain, by a process called fusion, blends these two images into one three-dimensional picture. A small curved glass vessel used for ocular bathing. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. With both these conditions, the typical patient tends to be older plus and white, often with a significant history of chronic sun exposure.


Trial frame and lens: The muscles that move the eyeball are attached to the sclera. Bundle of more oftalmollgico one million nerve fibres that connects the retina with the brain. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the laser to make a small hole in the iris – the colored part of the eye – to allow fluid to flow more freely in the eye.

Primary glaucoma cannot be oftalmolpgico to any known cause or risk factor. The adjacent vessels will be dilated, and there will often be a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Visual acuity is usually reduced, and profuse tearing is common. Pupillary membrane; cell membrane. Inflammation of the eyelids can cause dicciojario eye irritation, tearing, foreign body sensation and crusty debris. A small white oval shaped area on the retina of the eye from which the optic nerve emerges; the spot is insensitive to light because it lacks nerve endings that are responsive to light, which can be seen through an ophthalmoscope.

Inflammation of the lachrymal sac.

Siglas y abreviaturas/Oftamología

A technician who fits, adjusts, and fills the prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Strabismus is the medical term relating to a misalignment of the eyes. Fatty deposits in the skin at the inner aspect of the eye. Males typically are affected more than females. It is a relatively uncommon ocular condition characterized by flaccid, easily everted upper lids.


It is presented with severe, boring ocular pain which may also involve the adjacent head and facial regions. Corneal trauma or pre-existing keratopathy are also common precipitating conditions. Absence of colour in the iris, or leukemia of the cornea. Cornea bigger than normal.

Siglas y abreviaturas/Oftamología – Diccionario Académico de la Medicina

White limbal girdle of Vogt: This small, round, calculi appear to be a side effect of an aging palpebral conjunctiva, or a sequela of recurrent episodes of chronic conjunctivitis. The closest point in front of the eyes that an object may be clearly focused. The light-sensitive nerve layer diccionaario lines the back of the eye.

The formation of new blood vessels, often fragile and inappropriate for the location. A tear-filled fotalmologico caused by obstruction of a duct of the lachrymal gland.

They appear as spots, dots, or lines and affect or interrupt vision. Condition in which the image seen by one eye defines the size and the shape seen by the other eye. The ability to perceive differences in colour, including hue, saturation and brightness. The warmer the diccionaio, the greater its prevalence.