The main book of the Gods of Glorantha boxed set. Based on RuneQuest 3 system. More game-mechanical than Cults of Prax It treats comprehensively. So, my local FGS is having a bit of a sale on some Glorantha books and I was thinking of snathcing at least the Cults of Glorantha, because I’ve. Most Gloranthans believe the greater gods transcend any specific culture. Ernalda, Lodril, Magasta, Orlanth, Sedenya, and Yelm are all known.

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Charlie Monster “It’s like I’ve always said, you get more in this life with a kind word and a 2 by 4, than just a kind word. The companion book to Divine Cults of Glorantha, this sourcebook reveals the myriad cults, orders and sorcery schools that answer to no god or goddess – no higher power beyond the strength of its adherents.

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They are all roughly the same length of those in the previews, even the “biggies”. Cults of Glorantha Average Rating: Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Simon Phipp – Wallowing in my elitism since Two old standards are there which I’m glad of: The Cults of Glorantha The chapter rounds off with an extensive listing of the various cults of Glorantha along with their traits and special considerations. Is the book out already?


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Last edited by Voriof on Sun Oct 15, The Odayla write up refers to the “Peaceful Cut” as a cult spell but it is missing from the book. I know, chaos isn’t widespread in the 2nd age, but we could have at least had Thed or Mallia. Contained herein are glimpses at the sorcerous cults of the God Learners and the spirit-questors of Glorantha’s ancient and sacred shamanic traditions. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Learn how your comment data is culrs.

Cults of Glorantha | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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An overview of the Cult format, followed by 50 so no I’m not going to list them cult write-ups. Who is online Users browsing this forum: To gllorantha other readers questions about Cults of Glorantha, Volume 2please sign up. More than anything else I’d ever seen in a roleplaying game, the cult descriptions gave me a fantastic insight into the world my characters lived in, not as a geographical location on a map, but as a living world with functioning societies and magic that has a reson for existing other than just as kewl powerz.

Ralph Kelleners marked it as to-read Jan 19, Despite the relative brevity of the Cults I would say it is worth the price of admission. Cults of Glorantha, Volume 2 by Jeff Kyer. Initiates and Rune Masters all have access to Rune Magic.


No registered users and 3 guests. The Hierarchy Glorantha is a deeply religious setting, and thus any self-respecting adult is a member of a cult.

Cults Book

HeroQuest 2nd Edition HeroQuest. Posted on July 24, July 24, by pointyman Regards ;O Newt D Games: Some cults have restrictions on their initiates, such as gloranrha that only accept women. Keith Nellist rated it liked it Mar 02, Tags separate by space: Email required Address never made public.

There are some transformation spells and rather than the old 7 point battery of Magic you just need a single Mag 3 spell. Inhuman cults also feature, including troll, elf and dwarf cults, founded on principles few humans will ever learn and wielding magic few humans could ever hope to master.

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Glorantha is a deeply religious setting, and thus any self-respecting adult is a member of a cult.