The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of is a United States law signed on August 14, by President George W. Bush. The legislative bill was known as HR , sponsored by Congressman. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Compliance Solutions. At the end of , the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted to. CPSIA stands for the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of Total Lead Content (US CPSIA Act of H.R. , Title 1, Section ).

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The more stringent br4040 will take effect August 14, Thus, unit testing would result in certifying the safety of a product which has unsafe components that could be swallowed by a child. State agencies have jurisdiction over fixed rides that are located in a park in their jurisdiction.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Compliance with a Handheld XRF Gun

State preemption petition packages for Arizona, California, Illinois, and New York, available at http: It also increases staffing to at least personnel by Import for testing, for demonstration at trade shows, or re-export would not require such certification unless later distributed and sold for consumption. This report will describe the new requirements for certification and testing and the effect of the stay of enforcement of these requirements announced cpska the CPSC, certain new safety standards established by the CPSIA and related implementation actions and issues, implementation issues faced by small businesses and second-hand retailers, and legislative proposals to amend the CPSIA to provide for exemptions from certain requirements and for special consideration for small businesses and second-hand retailers.

After promulgating either the ppm level or the lowest level technologically feasible, the CPSC is required to review and lower the limit at least every five years. The Act imposes or increases both fines and jail time penalties, and mandates coordination with the CPSC when effecting a manufacturer’s product recall.

There is no stay of enforcement for certification and testing that had already been implemented or for which the accreditation guidelines had already been published as of the date of the stay.

Five specific provisions contain requirements impacting residential furniture: In his closing paragraph, Olson writes ” Hr4400, if employees of a manufacturer, private labeler, distributor, or retailer of consumer products, may not have their employer retaliate against them for reporting potential cpzia of consumer product safety laws. Some small businesses apparently have asserted that manufacturing does not include final “assembling” of component parts, therefore, the work performed by certain small businesses is not manufacturing because it only constitutes “assembling.

Based on the actual publication date of the relevant accreditation guidelines, certification and testing is required for lead paint on children’s products manufactured after December 21, ; for cribs and pacifiers manufactured after January 20, ; for children’s products with small parts manufactured after February 15, ; and for children’s metal jewelry manufactured after March cpsla, The staggered deadlines facilitated gradual phasing in of cpsai new requirements.


In hr40440 to the advisory opinions, the CPSC has made available draft guidance regarding what children’s products are subject to the phthalates ban; the guidance elaborates on what constitutes a toy, a toy that can be placed in the mouth, or a child care article.

The Act also increases fines and specifies jail time for some violations. The CPSC thoroughly reviews its draft rules to assess and take appropriate account of their potential impact on small businesses, small governmental jurisdictions, and small organizations. Dingell, dated March 20,available at http: The S1 TITAN handheld XRF gun can help you verify accuracy of documentation and confirm for your own peace of mind that products coming in and out of your control are in compliance.

With constant changes and ever increasing stringencies, it is important to keep up with the varying regulations in order to maintain compliance.

Second-hand resellers are not satisfied with CPSC guidelines which advise resellers that they have one of four choices for a product, as a practical matter: In a section of the Act known as the Danny Keysar Child Product Safety Notification Act, [8] mandatory standards are required for infant and toddler durable products, cribs cannot be sold that don’t meet current standards and all infant and toddler durable products must have product registration cards.

They must be available to the CPSC during any inspection. In other projects Wikisource. Applicability of Certain New Product Standards The implementation of new product standards for lead and phthalates in particular have caused controversy.

Assurance Enabling hr40400 to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. California defined “toys” as “all products designed or intended by the manufacturer to be used by children when they play,” 59 and “child care article” is defined as “all products designed or intended by the manufacturer to facilitate sleep, relaxation, or the feeding of children, or to help children with sucking or teething.

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – Wikipedia

The CPSIA does not expressly permit consideration of the needs of small businesses in the implementation or enforcement of the new requirements, that is, there is no small-business exemption from the requirements. Olson also claims that there has never been any known case of a child receiving lead poisoning from a book.

Reasonably foreseeable use and abuse shall include to [sic], swallowing, mouthing, breaking, or other children’s activities, and the aging of the product to a child during normal and reasonably foreseeable use and abuse of the product.

In addition, in Decemberthe CPSC formally recognized the allowance of testing of component parts and materials in lieu of final product testing, if strict recordkeeping and other requirements are met. Additionally, under the Act a Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database where consumers can directly report harm or merely a risk of harm officially launched on March 11, Commerce, Science, and Transportation Comm.


Rockefeller, Chairman of the Sen. Third Party Testing Products intended primarily for use by children 12 and under are subject to a more stringent requirement for third-party testing by an outside lab that is accredited by the CPSC.

The third party testing requirement for lead content was originally set h4r040 the CPSIA at ppm, but dropped to ppm in August, Implementation Concerns of Specific Stakeholders In addition to issues of exemption for specific product categories or the delay of certain requirements of the CPSIA, small businesses and second-hand resellers have asserted that they have particularly suffered a severe economic impact from the CPSIA.

Certification Formally confirming that your products and services meet all trusted external and internal standards. Nondestructive analysis Spot test incoming materials Spot test materials in stock or on the shelves Fast screening provides answers in seconds Analyze multiple components on each product More request more information right here! This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat The California Attorney General concludes.

The implementation of new product standards for lead and phthalates in particular have caused controversy. United States Consumer Prod. Manufacturers also note both the difficulty and the apparently contradictory mandate to perform unit testing.

The CPSC has no authority to regulate any risk of injury associated with electronic product radiation emitted from an electronic product if such risk may be regulated under the Public Health Act the Food and Drug Administration. Please contact us for more information. The earlier bill was prompted by various scandals over high xpsia content in toys, including a December report at Waxman’s behest showing high lead levels in items sold in U.

Under the CPSA as amended by the CPSIA, the CPSC has the authority to designate by rule whether hr440 manufacturer or importer or private labeler must issue the required certificate and to relieve the other parties from the requirement to furnish certificates.

Specifically, the Cpsiz concluded that allowing exclusions where “no meaningful increase” in lead levels in the human body could occur meant that exclusions would be permissible only in cases where the lead in a product or material will not result in the absorption of c;sia lead into the human body. This will result in a negative change in valuation and a sharp reduction or termination of available credit.

First, the person filing the complaint does not have to actually own or have used the product.