A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror, the madness, and the trauma of the Vietnam War More than half. Chickenhawk has ratings and reviews. Larry said: Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam. I am the right age to. Mar 28, The Paperback of the Chickenhawk by Robert Mason at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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I cried at the end the first time, and most times since.


At that time 1st Cavalry Medevac helicopters were not allowed to fly if the landing zone was hot. It was only a matter of time. The book Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam.

I wanted the armor of the devil-may-care pilot to slip out of maason I wanted the author to ask why his life shook and wobbled. He sailed to Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile and served a cchickenhawk tour, nine months with the “First Cav”, the last three months with the 48th Aviation Company.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That to me was the most heartrending part of the book.

A direct, honest, unpretentious, highly-informative and well-written story — I couldn’t put it down until I was through. We all say we could never do something like this, but the truth is that we could and we would if the shit really hit the fan. War is not the answer. Regardless of initial expectations, this is an excellent account of the life of a “slick” transport helicopter pilot.


Chickenhawk by Robert Mason | : Books

But the book had not yet been bought by a publisher, and, of course, Mason had no way of knowing it chikenhawk someday earn him half-a-million dollars.

You get a gut-wrenching view into the expansion of U. The accounting of these battles in the Ia Drang Valley by Moore and Galloway give credence to the brave efforts of chickenhwak soldiers on the ground and the pilots and crew members of the many slicks that fed the battle with dust-offs, re-supply, and fresh incoming troops.

But as the days A classic. Mason was released from prison on May 17, My struggle between a 4 star and a 5 star is the technical aspect of the flying of helicopters.

Robert Mason (writer)

One pilot out of five will get killed. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Riker, who knew where he was going, told me to turn left. And what an absolute ronert Bob is! This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I’ve listened to this book multiple times, but I can’t figure out if there’s a reason why Mason and his buddy don’t like Morris. Later, he and his wife realized he was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason

The attitude that no doubt allowed him to survive the horrors of a helicopter pilot’s life in Vietnam keeps him from sounding humble even when he tries to do so, and this may serve to dilute the reader’s empathy.

Running behind in our proper death ratio were we? I have owned this book for a long time but wasn’t ready to read chlckenhawk. Occasionally along the way we witness an honest caring side of Mr. Insects buzzed in the saturated air. I can see why so many helicopter pilots have read this text, as Mason describes the terrifically challenging circumstances that he deals with for combat landings and take-offs, as well as all too human appreciation for the breakdown in the dhickenhawk and on a person’s soul from struggling through such a terrible conflict.


I am amazed that Bob was able to remember all of the details about the war which he did. It felt like we were near the end of our wait on death row. These tools and that waterwheel convinced me that there was a successful way of life going on around us, but all we saw were savages, backward savages fighting against the Communist hoards from the North.

You have to live adventure to know it works like that – to capture the insanity, adrenaline, nerves, sorrow, and hilarity of the whole nightmarish rollercoaster of highs and lows.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In two days we flew 12 assaults into the same areas we had taken several times before. It looks like the overall ratio is one in five. The helicopter being landed in a mine field is a perfect example of some chickdnhawk the everyday terror Bob faced although that was due to another pilot’s stupidity. Published March 29th by Penguin Books first published