Cessna POH – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. TO BE FURNISHED TO THE PILOT BY CAR PART 3. A current Cessna Dealer Directory accompanies your new airplane. The Directory is revised frequently. is a corresponding difference in range, while all other performance figures are unchanged when speed fairings are installed. 1 July

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student pilot – Where can I find the correct POH for my Cessna ? – Aviation Stack Exchange

So, as long as you realize that this is to be used for flight training reference only and never to be used in lieu of the required POH feel free to download this Cessna PIM in Adobe PDF format. Thank you thank you!!! I am doing a private pilot training, and I was looking for the cessna POH, you just saved my day ;D.


Paul on Aug 06, I would love c512 see a picture of your Pon. Email me at instructor askacfi.

Buy Cessna POH – Microsoft Store

Thanks alot that helped me out so much! PS i know its not exact and specific to my aircraft but its close enough that its not gunna make much of a difference Thanks again!

Is this still available?

Have checked all the current ones on Google searches, and they are all a mess. I was hoping for something cleaner that I could make a decent booklet out of. If this link is still available, I would appreciate knowing where it is.

Cessna POH You are here: Flight C1152 Blog Tags: David on Aug 29, Thanks so much for this link. I will definitely enjoy reading this!

Camila Morais on Nov 12, Thank you thank you!!! Lionel on Nov 20, Muchas gracias por el manual!!! Lo d152 buscando por todos lados. Tommy on Nov 02, Thanks alot that helped me out so much!


Elizabeth on Jan 15, Will this do for the Cessna M? Rick Whittington on Mar 18, Is this still available?

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