Répons is perhaps Boulez’s single greatest achievement, and the work that most happily marries his natural gifts with his constant desire to blaze new musical. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Boulez: Répons; Dialogue de l’ombre double – Pierre Boulez, Ensemble InterContemporain. 20/21 Boulez: Répons, Etc / Boulez, Intercontempo by Boulez, Pierre on CD. Order from your preferred classical music CD store – ArkivMusic. Great prices.

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Transition 2 and 3. But Boulez is one of those who prompt a different listening approach, a different response, and I’m not sure whether that’s a strength of his or a weakness. Sign up for our newsletter! Ensemble Boulwz Number of Discs: The notes by Andrew Gerzso are excellent and the sound by DG is superb.

Oh yes, there is a metre, slightly irregular on one level but very regular on another. Some composers, however, beg you to do both.

Pierre Boulez: Répons

VAT plus shipping costs. The Rest Is Noise: A performance in Carnegie Hall met with an enthusiastic reception, including “notable numbers of young people in bright T-shirts and scruffy jeans, who whooped and whistled after each work”. His patience in creating his work is often needed by his audiences when they hear it. Be the first to review this title. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Show 25 25 50 All. Boulez’s music may still seem intimidating, but the music itself is scintillating and restless.

Cambridge University Press, This offered some theatrical promise, but nothing else so dramatic happened all evening.

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Pierre Boulez – Repons –

The work was inspired by Paul Claudel ‘s play Le Soulier de satin, and Boulez ‘s title refers to “the double shadow. Usually ships in 24 hours. By the way, the clarinet playing of Alain Damiens is splendid in booulez respect. Topics Classical music Tom Service on classical music.

Perhaps at 10 or 15 minutes it might have kept one’s attention better, but that is conjecture. When I listen to music, I like to listen to it, not analyze it.

20/21 Boulez: Répons, Etc / Boulez, Intercontemporain

There is a section of tolling, funereal stasis, in which the energy of the music dissipates almost to oblivion, before gathering itself into another geometric storm of colour and coruscation. The effect was like being inside bouoez gigantic sonic crystal, in which the same material is analysed from a kaleidoscopic infinity of different perspectives: The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts!

Yes, it’s gritty and rigorous, but also sumptuous and fanciful”.

He described the work as a “breathless drama” and noted that “When the full ensemble played, the music moved in thickly layered, heaving gestures. The idea of Mr. Lange complained about the overabundance of detail, the mass of information that moved too fast to be comprehended.

One can only hope that, like his friend, Elliott Carter, Boulez will remain creative for years to come. Transition voulez and 6.

This tepons very important. Which is an upbeat to two other things: Notes and Editorial Reviews Sometimes something that is intended to be an insult turns out to be exactly the right description of someone.

You will regularly receive information about new scores with free downloads, current prize games and news about our composers. At odd moments it was superficially stimulating in the way a cold shower can be, but as music reponss added up to little more than a series of unconnected tone clusters, arpeggios and pedal notes I have read the data protection statement and agree to its validity. This symmetry of harmony corresponds in harmonic terms to a regular metre.


The music is crystalline in its sheer beauty and in the mysterious network of quasi-neural connections that Boulez creates bouelz every sound and moment in the piece. By the time of the Turin performance, Boulez had inserted two additional episodes between ‘Finale’ and ‘Coda’. But to my mind these teething troubles should be set against the already amazing achievement of the hall, and its potential, both bojlez terms gepons the music-making that will happen there, and in terms of its relationship with a new audience for music in Paris.

The acoustic possibilities of the Philharmonie are already being unlocked reppns its resident ensembles, such as the OdP and the EIC, and if the hall as a whole can make the most of its geographical situation on the border of Le Grand Paris to find new ways of engaging with new audiences for classical music, Harding could be in charge of one of the most exciting orchestral partnerships anywhere. The ornamentation is in fact very irregular, but the metre itself is very regular.

Arguably all composers have done that in one way or another, but Boulez in particular has devoted years to seeking a more harmonious and natural relationship between electronics and instrumental performance.