Blood Awakening – Blood Curse #2 – Tessa Dawn. The Blood Curse happened as of a result of a prince, Jaegar, who went mad and killed all. Discover the “Extraordinary Storytelling Talents” of Tessa Dawn in her Dark Fantasy/Gothic Romance vampire & dragon series’. Tessa is a bestselling author. . Discover the “Extraordinary Storytelling Talents” of Tessa Dawn with her bestselling Dark Fantasy/Gothic Romance novel, BLOOD AWAKENING.

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There is a rape and murder scene in this blooc that was committed as a matter of course and treated almost dismissively. But hey, props for making some truly evil villainous vampires and not being afraid to just really go there with it to make them so evil. Wolf at the Door.

There were also a couple of rape scenes in this one, one of which was a little bit uncomfortable to read. Oh well, maybe next time I am so into this series and into the characters who are all unique and interesting.

For the most part I liked this book but I certainly didn’t love it. Wolf in her Bed. Actually, the prince had a twin who tried to stop his brother but was not able to because Jaegar had all the military forces behind him and Awakeninv had only a few followers. Jul 29, Amy Marx rated it it was amazing. Thanks to the ever curious and resourceful brother, Nachari — and a surprisingly useful talent no one knew our lovable Braden possessed — things are dasn right — to a point.

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As with my previous review of book 1, this series contains subjects that are not for everyone. When it looked like Ciopori wasn’t Marquises destiny it was such a blow. Blood Destiny, the first book in the series, was so incredible. I am in love with this series! Lists with This Book. Blood Awakening was really amazing, intense, and emotional. Cant wait for it to come out. She has developed characters that we can identify with I Love awa,ening Blood Curse Series.

Here, we see beyond the hard exterior and into the man. Blood Awakening is a fast paced, highly-addictive addition to the Blood Curse series! Although Marquis is not my favorite Light Vampire, I loved the telling of his story. Characters are very likeable except for the dark vampires.

Author Tessa Dawn BLOOD AWAKENING: Dark Fantasy/Gothic Romance Novels

You are commenting using your WordPress. I understand that the babies were evil and needed to die. He beats her but she still stays with him and begs the brothers not to hurt him.

From my experience with books, the second book in a lot of series is just kinda eh. It is Dark and Vampiric!

Imagine that these same enemies were the cause of the horrific death of a human woman you had kno Imagine you are the eldest of your siblings. I love this author and can’t wait to read another one of her books!

I found myself wanting to throw the book across the room at times but made it awakeninv to the end and I’m glad I did.

Blood Awakening

I know, I’m sick. Blood Possession Blood Curse Series book 3. OK so maybe I’m painting the wrong picture of Marquis. Notify me of new posts via email.


Tessa Dawn thinks totally outside the box and I love the world she has created. This will be the last time per Marquis. Jul 11, delane rated it it was amazing.

Blood Awakening (Blood Curse, #2) by Tessa Dawn

When all you see around you is death, when there seems to be nothing awakehing a responsibility to save, to protect and to avenge Marquis is the most pain in the ass man, intense never laughing always right. However, he has lived a hard life as his enemy had destroyed the one soul he had vowed to keep alive, had his parents hunted and killed and saw his dark twin sacrificed to fulfill some ancient obligation.

There are many shocking elements: My review on the first book, Blood Destinyis here. How much can a vampire warrior take?

Definitely a must read for adult vampire fiction fanatics! It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there? Awakenong things of this nature are something that you are unable to handle then i would highly advise you skip this book.

World Building – 4 Stars: Marquis turned out to be a deliciously sexy, unfailingly honorable, Old Word vamp hero.