Between Oxus and Jumna: A Journey in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan [Arnold J. Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus and Jumna [Arnold Joseph Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus And Jumna [Arnold Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna (that is from Iran.

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His complexion was dark jymna to have accommodated one of those magnificent crimson or saffron-gold turbans that are the fashion in Jaipur and Marwar. In June I shall be pass- ing through it on a longer journey: One might have fancied that it was the work of some Greek architect who had been commissioned by Alexander the Great. There was no hope of getting down within even 10, feet of Avernus-level. But the shepherd turns out to be neither devil nor lunatic. Of course I have carried away with me an unforgettable mental vision of sound and colour: From here onwards betwewn ran southward, parallel to the Indus, to cross the Kabul River over the bridge of boats at Jahangiri.

Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s | MCADD-PAHAR

Even grown-up camels have coats of sackcloth issued to them when they reach the higher altitudes. The Authority had thrown a bridge across the arm of the river between the island and their clubhouse; but the river had swept the presumptuous bridge away.

It was a catastrophe, but not a crushing one. If Multan is in truth the city of the Malli, this was where Alexander was wounded when he led the storming-party oxs Macedonians took a savage revenge.

Nine hundred years of unbroken family history. The Paropanisadae I was standing on a terrace at Istalif, looking out north- oxks over the Koh-i-Daman plain.

It was thanks to him entirely that I was able to make this fascinating journey in his company. The consequence was a British defeat. The philosophical oxu defeats me: The local application of the All-India Community Develop- ment Plan is initiating a transfer of wealth; the Rajasthan State Administrative Devolution Plan is initiating a ad taneous transfer of power. For, at Jericho, the fields that nurtured the city were irrigated by a single spring, while the city of Charsadda was fed by this maze of kxus fertilising the great green plain.


As it hap- pened, my sleeping-car sat in Old Delhi station for two hours, waiting for the Bombay section of the train to oxis up with it. But, as it turned out, it did not come to that. There it now was, the Paro- panisus, barring the horizon from east to west.

I had the honour of delivering the Maulana Azad Lectures for the year i at New Delhi, and of spending a month as a visiting professor at the University of Peshawar.

The tonga lurched on, with ease, over the mud-hole that had pulled our car up short. Thank heaven they have been frozen into stone. They could make them spend the colder half of the year in the sub-tropical climate of the Lower Helmand valley.

This was the route followed in the transmission of Buddhism ; and that is the most im- portant transaction that has ever taken place between India and China so far. Catching the Bus After half a day of sight-seeing at Udaipur, I had flown back to a hospitable house in New Delhi in which I was to have a two days 5 rest before setting out for Afghanistan.

Boulter, his research assistant. In old days a tribe used to measure its strength by the number of its rifles; today it measures it by the number of its buses and lorries, and, in this modern form of competition, the Afridis and the Shinwaris — both favoured by their posi- tion astride an historic thoroughfare — seem to be well ahead of their neighbours.

Published first published January Shooting through, we turned the corner of another quaintly ruckled mountain, and there, at last, was the valley of the Arghandab spread out before our eyes. I made a resolve that, if the worst came to the worst, I would ask the entire staff of the British Council office at New Delhi and the office at Lahore to escort me to the railway station, form a rugger scrum, and propel me and my luggage into a third- class carriage, where seats are unreserved and seating is therefore unobtainable.

However, this sight-seeing had its price. In the interval of anarchy in Hindustan, when the Mughal regime was already declining and the British regime had not yet taken its place, another swarm of Afghan in- vaders, the Rohillas, established themselves in a choice piece of territory that is now included in Uttar Pradesh formerly the United Provinces and still the U. It stands on the site of a city of the Gandharan Age.


It has become a piece of America inserted into the Afghan landscape. In such a natural fastness as this, hetween corridors for traffic are rare.

1961 Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s

At Udaipur the cleft is bridged by a forti- fied gate, and, on either side, battlemented curtain-walls climb the mountain-flanks up to a level where these become too precipitous to give a would-be invader any foothold.

The plain ends, the fields die away, and we are dodging through a stormy sea of chocolate-coloured rocks and reefs. For, both coming and going between Hazara and Peshawar, the scene was a pastoral paradise. Oxford University Press 1 December Language: If he can irrigate a few acres, this will suffice him.

Both these historic roundabouts would have recaptured their traditional role as focuses of communication still faster than they are doing if their economic recovery were not being handicapped by disputes over political frontiers.

After we had passed the bund and the irrigated garden below it, the vegetation gave out. So, if I missed it, my arrival in Kabul might be delayed for an unpredictable number of days, and then the time-table of my circular tour round Afghanistan would be thrown out.

Between Oxus and Jumna

His first marriage to Rosalind Murray, with whom he had three sons, ended in divorce in In this southern clime the harvest had already been reaped, and, everywhere, men and women were winnowing the grain from the chaff. But Europe is one of the fringes of the Old World, and eccen- tric positions produce distorted views. Most of them have lived and worked and studied in the United States; some of them have married American wives; all of them betwren signs of a certain nostalgia for the American way of life.

Since my previous visit to Jodhpur, thirty-one years ago, the last ruler but one had erected a new palace culminating in a dome of the order of magnitude of the dome of St. The commander of the British army of occupation in Qandahar had had news that an Betweeen force was bearing down on Qandahar from Herat, and he had sent out a column to fend it off.