Marc Yor used to say that “Bessel processes are everywhere”. Partly in [13] J. Pitman, M. Yor, Bessel processes and infinitely divisible laws. BESSEL PROCESSES AND INFINITELY DIVISIBLE LAWS by. Jim PITMAN and Marc YOR (n). 1. INTRODUCTION. In recent years there has been a renewed. Theorem (Lévy–Khintchine formula) A probability law µ of a real- . To conclude our introduction to Lévy processes and infinite divisible distribu- tions, let us .. for x ∈ R where α,δ > 0, β ≤ |α| and K1(x) is the modified Bessel function of.

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Jim Pitman – Google 学术搜索引用

A Bayesian analysis of some nonparametric problems. A theory of the term structure of interest rates – Linear functionals and Markov chains associated with Dirichlet processes. Here natural, absorbing and reflecting boundaries refer to boundaries where the probability density vanishes sufficiently fast to insure normalizationwith finite flux, or ininitely zero flux, respectively. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Starting at the origin – Bernoulli 9 2 New citations to this author.

Lévy process

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