Téléchargez le livre sur la création de templates Joomla à à Un tutoriel pour apprendre à créer les templates Joomla! , et Créez votre propre template Joomla! grâce à une documentation complète! à Un tutoriel pour apprendre à créer les templates Joomla! , et Best Joomla books in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German – For Joomla beginners, or website without a technical background. .. apprendre à utiliser Joomla! ou découvrir sa version pour créer, installer et administrer un .

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There is a very common misconception that moving configuration. Fast forward two years.

The need for disseminating the knowledge of the CMS to newcomers —or returning users of previous releases— is higher than ever, with Joomla! Please do not post questions in the comments in French. This is a question I have been asked too many times ever since I announced I would be refactoring the component to not use Nooku anymore.


Well, it all boils down to stability and compatibility of the framework. As you all know, Joomla!

Joomla 1.6 to 1.7 Upgrade Tutorial

The self-developed libraries upon which the Joomla! CMS is built on are now spun-off as a separate project, called Joomla! The goal of this split is to allow developers to built applications on the Joomla! Platform without having to appeendre the Joomla!

CMS and all the unnecessary cruft this brings with it. It will be equally easy to create a component for apperndre Joomla! CMS, a standalone web application or a CLI command-line application without much changes in the source code or, at least, reusing big portions of it. A mighty, noble goal. Are we there yet?

The Joomlashack Blog

Is it worth it? If you are into Joomla! This habit is so ingrained to the mentality of Joomla! The thing is, is it really a security feature or are we trying to solve the wrong problem? Now that JCE 2.

Upgrading to – Joomla! Documentation

I rewrote it and put it on steroids! As you may have already heard, Joomla! What you need, as a site integrator and user, is a guided tour of Joomla!


There has been a lot of controversy over a number of changes introduced in Joomla! If you are a Joomla! After all, I do offer unified Joomla!

This information can now be found in the Joomlz You may have seen me on quite a few occasions advising against using Joomla! You have most certainly seen that I was the first developer to embrace Joomla! Actually, Akeeba Backup was the first major extension and the first third-party extension ever to run natively on Joomla! So what is that? Am I suffering from schizophrenia?

Or is it something more unalarming?