protagonists) and the themes of struggle and change, on the other hand. The has implications for studies on Anthills of the Savannah, stylistic analysis. Title: Style, character, and the theme of struggle and change: Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah. Authors: Mwinlaaru, INI. Issue Date: Publisher. Style, Character, and the Theme of Struggle and Change: Chinua Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah. Article (PDF Available) in Research in African Literatures.

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There is no doubt that this commissioner is not as active as a commissioner of works should be. He ponders on the high level of intelligence of the less educated artists who have inscribed such soul-searching words. A while later, he too is charged with treason and becomes a fugitive for real. He is the Commissioner for Works in Kangan.

He is the leader of the delegation from Abazon. The novel is set in western part of Africa.

It is this messianic death that makes me place him as the central character in the novel. In his speech at the meeting with Ikem, he holds everyone spellbound by his speech which is occasional punctuated by proverbs and humour.

After his meeting with the Student Union leader, Chris grants an interview by the BBC and accuses the Kangan military junta of murdering Ikem with the false pretext that he died in the custody.

Page view s 2, The inscriptions that Chris reads on the luxury bus are very common in major cities across Africa but the irony is that many drivers and conductors of such buses always behave in a way that questions ghemes understanding of such inscriptions. Louise is frigid and for this reason; she cannot make a good wife. In anger and despair, Braimoh runs after the trigger-happy cop but cannot apprehend him. The President actually wants Chris to do the firing, but he refuses.

A funny character, Okong as he is fondly called was once an American Baptist minister before he became Professor of Political Science.


Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe

Also a fugitive wanted by the police, Emmanuel has come to join Chris in his hideout in the GRA and he is now Chris’ aide-de-camp. At the end of the novel, his wickedness and dastardly acts surely find him out.

Achebe was active in Nigerian politics from the s till his death, and many of his novels address the post-colonial social and political problems that Nigeria still faces. Again, we see him personally volunteer to bring the news of the gruesome murder of Chris to Beatrice and also remaining in her house to console her. Chris and his companions disembark from the bus and join the other passengers to have a meal at a nearby restaurant. As far as history is concerned the quest for good governance has been the bane of many nations in the world, especially those in Africa.

Every genuine artist feels it in his bone. Inhe got an admission into University College, Ibadan in Southwest Nigeria where he was intent on reading Science and Medicine, but he soon changed to Literary Studies and received his Bachelor of Arts in English in In order to answer his critics back, Achebe uses Ikem to show how he feels about women and his attitude toward their plight.

Fortunately for her, she is now married to another man, who is not from her tribe and she has two kids. The most obvious practical difficulty is the magnitude heterogeneity of the problem.

Anthills of the Savannah Themes

On their way to his self exile, Chris continues to reflect on the inscriptions on various parts of saavannah luxurious bus on which they travel. His reason you remember: Some time after this, Ikem is fired from the National Gazette by orders from the President, who thinks Ikem’s writing in the Gazette is too critical of his “administration”.

She is Beatrice’s late sister. We first come in contact with her when Major Sam introduces her savwnnah other anthiills at the dinner and ever since, we don’t hear anything from or about her. The present study sheds new meaning on the thematic concern of the novel by exploring the interaction between narrative situation, transitivity patterning, and symbolism, on the one hand, and the characterization of Chris savannaah of the protagonists and the themes of struggle and change, on the other hand.


This is overtly revealed in his fretting attitude when the people of Abazon lead peaceful demonstrations to the State House. Among his classmates were Christopher Okigbo and Chukwuemeka Ike. After a few objections, Ikem promises to oblige. As a younger man, he was an Anglo maniac. He is no doubt a statesman and an epitome of wisdom and wit.

Anthills: Themes Overview

Although it is natural for Chris to feel angry at Major Sam’s attempt to rape Beatrice, we expect him at the same time to appreciate and salute Beatrice’s resolve not to give in. Unlike A Man of the People which portrays the extent of political corruption and moral decadence in the civilian government in Nigeria, Anthills of the Savannah exposes the political corruption and moral decadence of the military regimes to show that neither of both forms of governments is free from this political and social malady.

You see, over the years, many critics have faulted Achebe’s negative portrayal of women in his works, especially in his classics: They also praise Ikem’s bold attempts to address the plight of the dregs of the society through his pen. She represents the attitudes of the West to the African countries in general and their unequal standing in world politics.

Again, one would have expected Braimoh to disdain and condemn Chris, a member of a despotic government, to his fate but Braimoh seems to see the humanity of Chris rather than his occupation.

However, to balance issue, Achebe anthills uses Ikem to advance his argument on human oppression thus: No sooner the cabinet meeting ended than a group of protesters from Abazon invade the premises of the Znthills Palace. Discuss the major themes in the novel.