{Anarchie et christianisme. English] Anarchy and Christianity / Jacques Ellul; translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley. p. cm. Translation of; Anarchie et christianisme. Jacques Ellul often made brief comments, in his fifty or so books, affirming a kind of anarchism as the Anarchy and Christianity is his extended essay on the. Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, history, and exposition in this analysis of the relationship between political anarchy and biblical faith. On the one hand.

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I also saw with no great difficulty that there had been a transition from a dictatorship of the proletariat to a dictatorship over the proletariat. God will find his rest again cristianity we shall enter into this rest of God which has nothing whatever to do with the rest of death. Reconciling the two things was not an easy matter. Constantly, then, he intervenes to liberate us. His travels, especially the last journey to Jerusalem, made no tactical sense, and they inevitably led to his arrest.

In his cynical way Napoleon said that the chrisianity control the people, the bishops the clergy, and he himself the bishops.

He would patiently learn anf forgive and turn the other cheek, even at the risk of death. The many ceremonies e. People all had their own marks, whether a seal, stamp, or painted sign.

Some time ago 1 explained this movement from the Bible to what I call Christianity, with political and economic reasons, etc.

Therefore give Caesar this money; it is his. The only possible answer is that it takes place on the seventh day. As regards vaccination, I have in mind a remarkable instance. My favorite aspect of the book is how he shows that, to Jesus, human authority was nothing. Whenever an emperor died, the like- ness was changed. Finally, though this is debatable, the great Zulu chieftain in South Africa, Buthelezi, supports a strategy of total nonviolence as opposed to Mandela of the Xhosa tribeand by all accounts he could do infinitely more to end apartheid than will be achieved by the erratic violence often between blacks of the African National Congress.


Born in Bordeaux, France, Ellul received a doctorate in the history of law and social science in from the University of Bordeaux.

No one must escape it. The trees gathered to elect a king and put him at their head. In the middle of the 19th century Blumhardt had been preceded on the anarchist path by Kierkegaard, the father of existentialism, who would not let himself be ensnared by any power.

As I see it, these facts manifest in an astounding way the constancy of an antiroy- alist if not an jacqes sentiment. They argue that this teaching can only imply a condemnation of the state, as the police and army hold a monopoly over christainity legitimate use of force.

Finally, there was a gentle murmur A. This means a total regulation of citizens and an official authorization of illegality. All that which causes division between people the very opposite of love rllul the devil. Disastrous though its role is! Few of his books are overtly political — even though they deal directly with political chgistianity — and several of his books, including “Propaganda: There is much that I like about this little book but there are some significant disagreements as well.

Christian anarchism

If you do, expect a new breath of interesting air that may encourage you to reframe how you view politics and authority, even if you are not a Christian or Anarchist. At the same time as I had read Marx I had also read Proudhon, who did not impress me so much but whom I greatly liked, so that I was scandalized by the attitude of Marx to him in their dispute.

There then followed christianty long series of the Crusades, the internal wars against the Albigenses, Cathari, etc.

His commentary is very refined, drawing inspiration especially from the German theologian Karl Barth. Eventually — an aston- ishing situation annarchy he might approve of us even though we do not do as he wills. Additionally, Ellul doesn’t refer to the chaotic, rebellion-oriented regimes that often come to our minds when we think about anarchy. We are thus liberated. Overall,I would say that I am glad I read this as many who are interested in Christian anarchism refer to it,though I will keep looking for more extensive treatments on the topic.


This unwor- thy dynasty and the Roman invaders must be chased out of the country. The Bible as the Source of Anarchy mad, committed all kinds of abuses of power, and was finally killed in battle against the Philistines. Samuel protested and went to God in prayer. In truth the christainity or hope of a society with neither authorities nor institutions rests on the twofold conviction that people are by nature good and that society alone is corrupt. This leads us to what is to the best of my knowledge the last and great objection of anarchists against God.

Full text of “Jacques Ellul: Anarchy & Christianity”

This brings us to a central notion. Biblically this is not the case. The state and politics are thus primary reasons for division. Read- ers are forewarned, then, that I am not trying here to show ellul all costs a convergence between anarchism and biblical faith.

From the 9th century some theologians had stated that all power is from God through the people.

The organization of the world remains the same. Why include it at all, if the aim is to explore the compatibility of Christianity and Anarchism? Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, and Samson were more prophets than kings. Anarchists, wanting no politi- cal, economic, or intellectual master, also want no religious master, no God, of whom the masters of this world, as we have seen, have made abundant use.