The Alesis Monolithic/Integrated Surface™ Audio Console is a 16 channel, two buss audio mixing console which features the new Integrated Monolithic. Alesis Mixing Desk, Music Technology, Jul I’m on the lookout for a mixer. MY FUNDS ARE LIMITED and I have had the offer of a used alesis mixer: PRICE UK pounds. Looking at the spec of the.

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Buying used isn’t always better or always worse than new. Again, the manual contains several suggestions and here the Sub Masters really start to earn their keep. Well, I was sufficiently impressed but my needs back at last year’s BMF were great and urgent and I couldn’t wait until the production models – or even a review model – came rolling off the line. It is a very complete table with everything you need for mixing insert on each channel, several departure and return of pre and post-fader effects, 1 section equalizer not very efficient it will think about is equip with eq 11622, I assume this is due to the alfsis layout of the board.

Again, I suspect this 1262 a necessity forced on it by the monolithic circuit board.

Alesis 1622 16-channel Rack Mountable Audio Mixer Console

I have one for sale on the site And if that sounds attractive to you, you know what to do. The price is right, so I’m curious. Other articles featuring gear in this article: Other applications include sound reinforcement. The Sub Masters could also sum a collection of signals before passing them onto the Master. Most of my brickbats are to do with the design which, in turn, was dictated by the monolithic circuit board which, in turn, is what makes the perform as unbelievably well as it does.

Once you cross the acceptance threshold, however, you realise the advantage is that you don’t notice the real finger marks. Still more suggestions can be found in the manual.


User reviews: Alesis – Audiofanzine

The is also supposed to be beer-proof, Coca Cola-proof and resistant to all other sorts of sticky and runny substances. Apart from any other features this is reason enough to check it out. It’s doubled as an instrument mixer for synths and so on and a recording mixer, a task it has coped with well until stereo equipment became the norm at which alesiw the inputs definitely became overcrowded. The equalizer alessis anecdotal, the limit could be used as high or low pass to mix live.

The faders fit into channels recessed into the case which keep them moving in a straight line so as not to put undue stress on the circuit board. I like it I exchange it not against a barrel of liquor brand X or against quite a few other consoles I had in my hands and offered far fewer connections, were noisy and more expensive.

potcho’s review – Alesis – Audiofanzine

The pre-fades will probably be used for headphone monitoring although they can also be used with outboard effects. There are also separate left and right Sub and Master inserts which are useful if you want to run the entire mix or a “Sub” part thereof through an effects unit compression and excitation spring to mind.

Small Print Qlesis of use Privacy. The eq sucks, only high and low shelf Faders are very flimsy and cheap feeling. If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive Needless to say, I haven’t used it since I was Consequently, if you mount the mixer in a rack you’ll need access to the top of it. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. You see, my then-current eight-channel mixer was several years old, almost pre-MIDI in fact, and old enough to have been around when instruments with stereo audio outputs were rather thin on the ground.


I’m fairly new to the world of buying mixers. Alesiis each channel can be routed to either buss and panned left or right, you could effectively use the mixer to feed four independent signals to a four-track recorder, for example, with a reasonable amount of flexibility. It really helps – thank you! It is not too bad, not too heavy for a table at the time, and particularly ergonomic, the number of auxiliary for effect or other use.

The time now is If it holds up and works for you, that’s all you can hope for. Mute does not affect the signal on sends 1 and 2 but it does mute the other sends.

Underneath the sends are the routing switches which send the signal to the Master or Sub Master, and below these are Mute and Solo switches. Check out here and at http: My motives however, I admit, weren’t completely altruistic in wanting to bring you, dear MT reader, the low-down on one of the latest pieces of hi-tech gear. The casing itself is made from moulded plastic and in a familiar wedge shape – mainly, I suspect, in order to house the plethora of sockets which you’ll find if you take a peek around the back.

There is also a glossary, a troubleshooting guide and some “mix and recording theory”. So, the seemed an ideal solution – and a budget-priced solution, too. Alesis have built their reputation on new dare I say innovative? At the top are the level LEDs – seven green, four yellow and four red. My hard-earned lolly found another home. However, the equalizer is short two knobs. No other opinion really matters, except your own.

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